A complete CPM solution for everyone

Kepion + Microsoft brings together the powerful BI tools from the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform, along with the planning, forecasting and budgeting capabilities of Kepion to deliver a full Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software solution and an end-to-end BI reporting and analysis suite.

PowerBI, PowerPivot and PowerView empowers finance, sales and operations the self-service BI capabilities to build rich visualizations based off the Kepion application. SharePoint provides the collaboration capabilities and dashboard reporting for enterprise wide use. And in Kepion, you can conduct what-if scenario modeling and streamline your planning, budgeting and forecasting processes within a single Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software solution.

CPM on Microsoft BI

Built on the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform

It's always good to know when you are on the leading business intelligence platform in the industry. With Microsoft Business Intelligence as the backbone of Kepion technology, we are able to harness all the scaling and performance capabilities fit for any size and complexity.

Since Kepion shares a common platform with Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint 2013, Power BI and Microsoft Office, you are able to take advantage of the seamless integration between the technologies. Kepion provides a familiar environment for those skilled in Microsoft technologies.

Kepion + SharePoint 2013

Corporate Performance Management with Kepion + SharePoint 2013

Kepion + SharePoint 2013 brings together the SharePoint's rich collaborative BI reporting platform with Kepion's planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities to provide a complete enterprise performance management (EPM) solution on the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform.

Kepion focuses on leveraging your existing investments with Microsoft by delivering powerful modeling and planning capabilities out-of-the-box. By enabling business users a simple and flexible application to build their own
applications, Kepion allows for quicker and more
comprehensive implementations to deploy successfully.

Kepion + Power BI

Kepion + Power BI Provides True What-If Analysis

With the power analysis capabilities of Microsoft Power BI and Kepion, you can conduct true what-if analysis for your company's future. Kepion connects all your historical actuals and forecast plan data together into a single BI platform for you to make new updates to your on-going forecast or next year's budget plan and conduct in-depth analysis within your Power BI reports.

Kepion + Microsoft Dynamics AX

Kepion +
Microsoft Dynamics AX

Kepion + Microsoft Dynamics AX provides you a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) & corporate performance management (CPM) solution on a common enterprise platform. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides comprehensive global business management features for financial, human resources, and operations management.

With Kepion, you are able to conduct expense budgeting, capital asset planning, sales & operations planning, profitability & cost management and integrated financial analytics reporting smoothly. Kepion provides a flexible apps platform to build planning and analysis apps for areas of finance, supply chain, human resources and project management.

Kepion + Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Kepion +
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Kepion allows you to optimize your investments in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and streamline your sales forecasting, quota planning, analytics and reporting. Kepion drives operations productivity, improves forecast accuracy, accelerates quota planning, and powers alignment between sales and finance.

With the powerful Kepion + Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, you can deliver amazing customer experiences every time. This mash-up allows you to generate more detailed analysis, deeper insights and greater accuracy in your forecasts.

Microsoft Enterprise Data Integration

Microsoft Enterprise Data Integration

The essentials of planning and reporting, which includes annual budgeting, rolling forecast, variance analysis and what-if scenario modeling, requires central ties with all data systems. These systems usually involve a General Ledger (GL), Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), Human Resource system (HR) and other Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) elements or data warehouses.

Microsoft SQL Server provides out-of-the-box integration tools that connects with all systems including SAP, Teradata, OLE DB, text files, the Microsoft Entity Framework, and other common sources. Utilizing Microsoft SQL Integration Services, Kepion helps you tie all your information together into one system for quick access and navigation.

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Companies with thousands of users in over 30 countries worldwide have moved from traditional spreadsheet solutions to Kepion to streamline their planning, budgeting and forecasting process. Clients range in size from small to mid-size businesses to global enterprise companies.

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Schick-Wilkenson Sword

Schick-Wilkenson Sword, an Energizer Holdings company, began using Kepion to forecast brand units for their personal care product line. Kepion was implemented for Schick-Wilkenson Sword as part of the global delivery initiative for Energizer Holdings.

Today, Schick-Wilkenson Sword utilizes Kepion not only for planning and forecasting, but also as a backbone for their dashboard and reporting through Microsoft SharePoint.

Schick-Wilkenson Sword

Schick is a brand of safety razors by Wilkinson Sword, a subsidiary of Energizer Holdings. Schick is the top selling brand of safety razors and blades in Japan. The Schick brand is used in North America, Australia, Asia and Russia. Schick also markets shaving gels.

Dashboard, Analytics and Planning

Kepion brings together all business functions into a single seamless experience for dashboard, analytics and planning. With Kepion + SharePoint, you would be able to take advantage of all the rich dashboard capabilities, combined with the familiar Excel PivotTable environment for drill-through analysis and finally an ability to plan effectively with Kepion to react to certain opportunities or threats that your company may face.

When you enter into Kepion's interface, you would immediately know where to go for your needed information. With the familiar spreadsheet environment, and easy to use filter navigation, there is no need for long training sessions to learn a new technology. We bring familiarity between Kepion and the rest of the Microsoft Business Intelligence Technologies.

It's so easy to use that any Excel user can learn it.

Kepion Integrated with Microsoft BI Platform

Common Platform Technology

Kepion shares a common platform technology with SharePoint and Office Excel. This allows for easy access to Kepion generated cubes, along with real-time updates within Kepion systems. With SQL Server as the back-bone platform for all three technologies, Kepion takes advantage of the full scalability and performance of the industry's best SQL technology.