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Kepion is a breakthrough Microsoft Business Intelligence Software that lets you integrate all your business planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analytics functions into one solution. By using Kepion’s Cash Flow Forecasting Software helps finance and accounting teams remove the manual process of collecting data as part of their routine and focus on making key decisions that drives the overall bottom-line of the organization.

We focus on simplifying your planning process to enable more frequent and continuous adjustments when encountering each changing conditions. Kepion’s Cash Flow Forecasting Software provides a rich web-based solution that provides a single view of past, present and future forecasts, plans and assumptions across the enterprise.

It's so easy, any Excel user can learn it.

Familiar Spreadsheet Feel

Familiar spreadsheet feel

Kepion is a business planning, budgeting and forecasting software for business users, therefore we provide a familiar spreadsheet interface for finance, sales and operations exercise all the functions needed to perform their planning, budgeting and forecasting activities. All the common used functions such as drag-n-drop, on-sheet calculations and on-sheet formatting are available for users to custom fit their forms to their suitable use.

Not only will you be able to save more time on training, but also provide department managers the autonomy they never had before, thus streamline the decision-making process and improve organizational efficiency.

Real-time Calculation Engine for Financial Planning

Real-time calculation engine for integrated business planning

One of the toughest challenges for finance at the end of each period is reconciling all the data for key stakeholders to understand. As a result, finance gets bogged down in a manual data collection process that proves both error-prone and time-consuming.

Kepion helps remove this step by providing a real-time aggregation engine that produces immediate top-line results upon each change in the planning process. Backed by the leading OLAP calculation engine in the industry, Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform provides the robust capabilities for automatic rollups of data by any dimensionality needed (i.e. accounts, time, geography). This enables better top-down and bottom-up alignment across the entire organization.

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Revenue Planning

Web-Based planning budgeting & forecasting software

Kepion is a web based Corporate Performance Management Software (CPM) that can help streamline your core financial planning process. All you need is a web browser to log into your Kepion account and you are good to do your planning, budgeting & forecasting.

You will never be drowned in the spreadsheets or static reports. You will be able to collaborate on your organization's financial status, conduct your planning, budgeting & forecasting processes and run insightful financial reporting & analysis within a single application environment.

Collaborative Workflow

Collaborative workflow

Often times planning and forecasting becomes disconnected between finance, sales and operations. Common example is product managers need to sync with manufacturing on their production planning systems for a product ramp-up, while marketing needs new collateral and sales needs to add new headcount within their workforce planning tools.

With Kepion, you can easily integrate all process and functions together on a common data platform to share out reports, dashboards and scorecards with your intended audience. The Kepion's process tracker also allows you to track the inputs from your organization to ensure a more streamlined approach to business planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Rolling Forecasts

Rolling forecasts

Forecasting used to be a headache for most organizations. More often than not, you would find it difficult to have a clear vision of the future sales, expenses and so on due to the scattered data, inconsistent or unclear business rules.

Kepion's Cash Flow Forecasting Software can help you deal with these issues. Leveraging the power of Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, Kepion provides abilities to automatically import actual data from other systems, along with on-going updated data, you will be able to make better and accurate forecasting and decisions for the next 12, 15 or 18 months.

Data Integration

Data integration tools

The essentials of planning and reporting, which includes annual budgeting, rolling forecast, variance analysis and what-if scenario modeling, requires central ties with all data systems. These systems usually involve a General Ledger (GL), Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), Human Resource system (HR) and other Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) elements or data warehouses. Within Kepion, you can tie all your information together into a single Corporate Performance Management software for quick access and navigation.

Kepion has several options that simplifies the integration process with other enterprise systems, whether on-premise or in the Microsoft Azure Business Intelligence.

  • Master Data Management Tool - Kepion provides a guided interface for managing all dimension and model data for you applications.
  • Data Connectors - Kepion provides data connectors to on-premises or cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure Business Intelligence systems, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform, Salesforce, SAP and Oracle.
  • Flat File Loaders - Kepion loaders allow users to quickly import and export data via Excel or flat files.
  • Microsoft SQL Integration Services - SQL Server provides out-of-the-box integration tools that connects with all systems including SAP, Teradata, OLE DB, text files, the Microsoft Entity Framework, and other common sources.

Enterprise Scale Security

Enterprise scale security

Managing hundreds, even thousands of users can be a daunting task. Kepion can help manage it all within a single interface. Within Kepion's administrator page, you can configure the access to your company's data for different users and groups. There are plenty of options to configure data access based on how your business is structured.

Data integrity is also maintained with a full audit tracking function that records all changes made in the system. This helps enable accountability and secure collaboration of data across the organization.

Multiple Currencies

Multiple currencies

Do you get frustrated when managing different currencies among your global business territories? Also when dealing with day to day fluctuations among the currency rates conversions as well? Ever wish you had a software that enables all of them done real-time without any management at all?

Kepion provides you a multiple currencies budgeting planning software to manage the complexity of your multi-national planning and reporting. You can do your planning and reporting with your actual data in different local currencies. This multiple currencies forecasting budgeting software not only saves you time and improve accuracy, but also automatically adjust the exchange rate types according to your local business.

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