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Faster, Smarter Cash Flow Forecasting Software on the Kepion Planning Platform

No longer operate under separate planning & reporting processes. With Kepion's Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Solution, you can collaborate on a single approach for integrated business planning. Designed for the business, by the business, Kepion's Corporate Performance Management Software allows sales, finance, operations, marketing and HR to configure personalized planning apps specifically to how they work. Kepion's Dashboards and Scorecards Software helps you visualize performance, plan for efficiencies and track your results.

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Build enterprise apps truly around the way you work

Kepion is a powerful Business Performance Management solution that allows you to design and develop your own enterprise applications that work just perfectly for your planning, budgeting and forecasting process. With Kepion’s Business Intelligence BI Modeler, you can build CPM solutions in a matter of days, instead of weeks or months.

Kepion Revenue Planning Demo Video

Revenue Planning & Sales Forecasting Budgeting Software

  • Automatically integrate with sales & demand data from CRM or other systems.
  • Conduct what-if analysis based on different revenue scenarios and assumptions.
  • Drive costs, staffing, and capital assets from the sales plan.
  • Spread values over time for upcoming revenue and see immediate impact on the bottom line.
  • All revenue plan information is directly driving to cash and receivable accounts in Kepion’s Cash Flow Forecasting Software.
Kepion Expense Planning Demo Video

Operational Budgeting & Expense Management Software

  • Use driver-based planning based on data from other modules to plan spending.
  • Easily perform what-if analysis on different spending scenarios for planning.
  • Communicate your reasoning for expense items through cell-specific annotations.
  • Centralized management of assumptions, formulas for expense calculations and rollups.
  • All operational expense information is integrated directly to cash and payable accounts in Kepion’s Cash Flow Forecasting Software.
Kepion Workforce Planning Demo Video

Workforce Planning Software

  • Automatically integrate with all data from your company's HR tracking systems and other workforce planning tools.
  • Conduct what-if analysis based on different hiring scenarios and assumptions.
  • Model driver-based planning modules to be driven by revenues, staffing needs or allocation planning.
  • Spread values over time for upcoming hiring needs and see immediate impact to bottom line.
  • Complete Personnel Management Software to help reduce workforce planning cycle time.
  • All workforce planning information can drive into Kepion’s Cash Flow Forecasting Software.
Kepion Capex Planning Demo Video

Capital Asset Planning

  • Integrate capital asset planning with P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.
  • Use of drivers such as headcount or production units to plan new capital expenditures.
  • Spread capital spending into depreciation expense over time and see immediate impact to balance sheet and cash flow statements.
  • Fixed Assets values are automatically tied across to Kepion’s Cash Flow Forecasting Software.
Kepion Balance-Sheet Demo Video

Core Financial & Cash Flow Planning Software

  • Automatic rollups of your chart of accounts, organizational structure, and time periods.
  • Integrate all GL data into one interface to view P&L, balance sheet forecasting & cash flow projection.
  • Within Kepion’s Cash Flow Forecasting Software, you can perform what-if analysis on different cash requirements scenarios.
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards provides real time insights into your financial reporting & analysis.
  • Kepion provides Data Integration Tools to automatically tie information back to your GL & ERP systems.
Kepion Project Planning Demo Video

Project Planning and Portfolio Management Software

  • Intuitive dashboards to create and manage projects with key measurements for ongoing performance.
  • Full scoped project portfolio reports with ability to breakdown high-level project metrics.
  • Drill-down all the way to the granular task and resource level.
  • Visibility on project high-level data updated in real-time.
  • Adjustments across all planning components are automatically reflected into Kepion’s Cash Flow Forecasting Software.

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Kepion’s Cash Flow Forecasting Software helps the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation plan and collaborate more effectively.

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Kepion Planning

Kepion allows companies to build EPM solutions for planning, budgeting, forecasting, Reporting and Analysis needs in a matter of minutes, instead of weeks or months. Business users can quickly build the functionalities of a Cash Flow Forecasting Software, or a Business Budgeting Software, without the need of IT skillsets. Kepion also provides data integration tools that automatically ties information with on-premises or cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure Business Intelligence systems, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform, Salesforce, SAP and Oracle.

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Kepion Reporting allows companies to quickly build Reporting and Analysis Software on the industry leading Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform. Business users can create dashboard and scorecards software and conduct financial reporting and analysis.

Kepion BI Modeler provides an automated & streamlined process for building business intelligence data warehousing and reporting and analysis software on the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform. Included are data integration tools that can tie information from other Business Intelligence Software Vendors solutions to Kepion automatically.