Dashboards & Scorecards

With Kepion + SharePoint, you can build rich dashboards and scorecards that everyone in your organization can use. With complete integration into financial and non-financial data, you will always have a real-time pulse of your company's complete financial performance. Quickly align your business with key targets and keep track of you lines of businesses along the way.

  • Obtain at-a-glance views of KPIs, graphs, metrics, and tables.
  • Slice and dice by territory, business unit or a certain sales channel.
  • Drill down allows you to quickly discover the root cause to certain events.
  • Create sophisticated dashboards & scorecards with no specific skills or programming.
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Kepion Integrated with SharePoint Dashboard

Understand your business at a glance

An executive dashboard is like a stock ticker of your business. Kepion + SharePoint provide rich dashboards that give you a quick, reliable indicator that your business is doing fine, and alert you in an emergency. Linking SharePoint dashboards with Kepion planning provides you with an end-to-end corporate performance management (CPM) solution.

Set Targets with Visual Scorecards

Set corporate-wide targets with Scorecards & KPI's

With Kepion + SharePoint, you can tie together the targets set within Kepion with visual scorecards and KPIs for users to monitor their performance. Kepion provides the data modeling environment to build data environments and KPIs for your organization.

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Drill down analysis by account, entity or time

Since Kepion is built on the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, users can take advantage of SharePoint drill down features for deep analysis of their business. Users of Excel PivotTables can also connect easily to Kepion data models for conducting their own analysis.

Drill Down Analysis

Customer Spotlight

Energizer Holdings

Energizer Holdings

Energizer began using Kepion in 2010 as a planning solution that would allow Energizer Global Finance to better integrate sales and promotions planning.

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