Expense Planning

Expense planning includes other expenses that go along with planning for revenue and operations. These expenses are often driver based, for example: travel expense driven by number of trips and average cost per trip.

Kepion Expense Planning and Budgeting Software provides:

  • Use driver-based planning based on number of trips, cost per trip or data from other modules to plan spending.
  • Easily perform what-if analysis on different spending scenarios for planning.
  • Communicate your reasoning for expense items through cell-specific annotations.
  • Centralized management of assumptions and formulas for expense calculations and rollups.

These drivers help simplify the expense planning process so that Kepion can help tie it together with automated calculations and aggregations. Expense reports can then be easily generated for budget managers to review.

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Expense Variance Report

Custom top-line report views of expenses

Kepion guided report builder allows users to quickly leverage report views to manage expenses across all projects. Variances between actual and plan can be monitored by week, month, quarter or year to ensure your project expenses are in-line.

Collaborate through cell-specific annotations

Sometimes numbers doesn't explain enough details or reasoning. Kepion provides cell-specific annotations for users to communicate reasoning behind their numbers. These annotations are also specific to the slice-and-dice data you are viewing as well.

Collaborate Through Cell-Specific Annotations
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Driver-based expense planning

Planning for travel expenses can be simplified by just entering number of trips and cost of each trip for a project. Kepion can then calculate the rest for you. This simplifies data entry for various types of budget managers across the organization.

Driver-Based Expense Planning

Customer Spotlight

Energizer Holdings

Energizer Holdings

Energizer began using Kepion in 2010 as a planning solution that would allow Energizer Global Finance to better integrate sales and promotions planning.

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