Financial Consolidations

Kepion provides the platform and capabilities for automatic consolidation of entities, dimensions and currencies. With our centralized database, automated data integration, multi-currency handling, driver-based modeling, flexible reporting and analysis tools, users can create and track consolidation adjustments including intercompany eliminations and minority interest calculations.

  • Point-n-click report builder to build consolidated reports with or without adjustments.
  • Full audit trail tracking enables full assurance of all changes to be shown accountable.
  • Driver-based planning for intercompany activity in elimination accounts, or minority interest impact on P&L.
  • Formula assist for creating consolidation rules specific to your organizational structure.
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Intuitive Report Builder

Guided form builder

Why learn a new interface to build your forms and reports? Kepion provides a guided click-through process for building forms that is intuitive to any Excel user. Simply assign your data members to row, column and filter and you can immediately preview your form before publishing.

Multi-Entity Consolidation

Multi-entity consolidation

Within broader organizations, multiple entities can be linked together and automatically consolidated. Data designated as to be shared automatically consolidates from "child" entities to the "parent" entities. When entities' data is rolled up to their parent entities, financial data is automatically converted from their local currency to the currency of the parent entity.

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Full audit trail tracking

Kepion tracks all changes in the system for full accountability and integrity of the system's data. Search to find changes to data, filtering on such fields as users, time ranges, departments, accounts, custom dimensions, etc.

Full Audit Trail Tracking

Customer Spotlight

GE Capital

GE Capital

GE Capital is the financing operations of General Electric that handles over $580 billion dollars in assets each year. GE Capital began using Kepion for forecasting Australia's intercompany loans for multiple departments across the organization.

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