Manufacturing presents tough challenges when as demand becomes unpredictable. The key to remaining profitable lies in being planning efficiently for the production and distribution of your products. The need to create new products is also critical in staying one step ahead of your competition; unfortunately varying costs of materials could drive up your cost of production. Collecting and managing data from the different lines of business can be time consuming and error prone.

Kepion provides a solution that allows finance to effectively manage and coordinate operational and sales planning into an integrated financial plan.

  • Manage KPIs for different lines of business; provide driver-based planning across the organization.
  • Track inventory on a SKU level, cash flow & customer demand scenarios on Brand & Segment levels.
  • Track the changes in cost of materials so as they fluctuate, your profit margin doesn't disappear.
  • Manage your supplier so they are not managing you. Model effects of changing suppliers to ensure best rates.
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Integrate Production, Sales and Invetory Data

Combined views into single form

When handling production planning, it's critical to combine sales and inventory data together with production data within the same view. Within Kepion, you can easily leverage driver-based planning forms to input number of production units based on demand and inventory levels. A quick P&L view will also show the bottom line for each period of the year.

Plan by Hierarchy

Organize your plan by overhead or departments

Kepion modeler provides a flexible approach to organizing your plan by production overhead, departments or any number dimension hierarchies. With a hierarchy structure in place, the values just rollup automatically to show the top-line numbers for your manufacturing in real-time.

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Real-time Planning and Reporting

Be on top of operating expenses

Often times, operating expenses become the number one reason for inefficiencies in production. Kepion provides real-time rollup and calculation of operating expenses based upon production inputs so that you will always have the latest insight into each manufacturer's performance.

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WEG is a global producer of industrial motors to across all continents around the world. WEG began using Kepion for their Australian subsidiaries to streamline their planning and budgeting process across their diverse product line.

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