Business services industry takes on risk when hiring new headcount to their delivery staff. These companies pay close attention to billing utilizations, employee training costs and service line profitability. Headcount is essential in driving revenue. In order to effectively tie revenue drivers (i.e. bill codes, bill rates) with different hiring scenario modeling, you must have a planning system that can bring it all together. Current spreadsheet-based solutions are inefficient and error-prone that causes companies to miss on opportunities of growth.

Kepion offers an integrated planning solution that can be driven by headcount to show the net results of both costs and revenue. This provides complete insight based on various what-if scenario modeling.

  • Plan Headcount by predefined services groups or individual employees.
  • Perform what-if analysis on various hiring scenarios and project assignments.
  • Re-forecast frequently to include adjustments based on changing revenue assumptions.
  • Fully integrate P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements to the driver based plans.
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Variance Reporting for Services

Actual vs. budget variance reporting

Kepion allows you to quickly spot variances between actual and budget comparisons. With slice-and-dice filtering, you can monitor top line number of your organization, or drill down to individual projects. With this kind of control over your business, you can ensure that your operation doesn't miss a step.

Driver-based planning from project hours

Kepion provide integrated driver-based planning, so that when users submit hours of projected service engagements, the hours are immediately calculated against billing rates to output top-line services revenue. Concurrently, the hours are also factored into calculating utilization rates to maintain optimal use of personnel.

Driver-Based Planning for Services
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Monitor Personnel Utilization

Monitor utilization rates throughout the year

Utilization rates can be carefully monitored between budgeted and actual hours. Kepion provides flexibility in the different views of personnel utilization throughout the year. This allows services companies to quickly adapt to changing environments.

Customer Spotlight

Santa Maria (Techint Company)

Santa Maria (Techint Company)

Santa Maria (Techint), an Oil & Gas financial service group within Techint Organization, has been using Kepion for budget allocations to more than 40 departments and 10 different companies within the Techint Group.

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