Timesheet Management

When it comes to timesheet planning, it can become challenging for a manager to stay on top of who is doing what, and at what cost. With Kepion’s time management software, that information can be readily available at the tip of your fingers, enabling expert decision-making in just seconds. Rather than dwelling on time sheets that exceeded budgets, or violated policy, managers can now assume a proactive role to their company's time sheet activities to optimize resources and make sure those errors never happen again.

Kepion provides a platform that automatically reconcile organization's time sheet data into a customized environment where directors, project managers and consultants can work together on a single plan for your business. On the same token, planners can roll up immediate reports so that plans can be dissected before establishing a plan of action.

In this demo, we will see how a consulting firm uses Kepion to take the upper-hand on their timesheet planning in a connected and agile environment. See how they level their resources for the next month, quarter and even years using real time KPIs to stay aligned with their budgets and ultimately, bottom-line goals.

Kepion Time Management planning Software provides:

  • A collaborative platform for project managers to plan, monitor and analyze resources.
  • KPI and scorecards at multiple levels to measure timesheets vis-à-vis targets.
  • Drill-down from high level information to make sense of the granular details.
  • Easy integration with external data sources and analysis tools.
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Single version of the truth

Spreadsheet life can become increasingly difficult when things are constantly changing. With Kepion, you can count on a solution that maintains the fidelity of your data where all information is automatically pulled from the same data source that your consultants are entering into. Kepion's automatic validation essentially does all the all the heavy lifting for you by establishing an error free environment where no gaps go unnoticed and only one official plan circulates at a time.

Collaborative Platform

Real-time reporting

Planners and analysts can see how plans immediately get layered into dynamic reports that are designed by the business. This includes P&L reports, charts, financial statements and essentially any reporting framework that gives you what you need. Analysis can be conducted around different metrics, for instance analyze your projects from either an Hours or Rates perspective, or by month, quarter, or year, or in whichever way you want to slice and dice your data.

Real-time Reporting
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Custom design environment

Kepion is a flexible planning solution where organizations can manage their resources in the way they please. Kepion dashboard goes beyond your monotonous form view by offering a free form design environment that is akin to navigating a PowerPoint slide. Take this calendar input form as an example – an intuitive display that makes timesheet planning easy to use and easy to manage.

Free Form Design

Integrate with Analysis Tools

Integrate with your own analysis tools

Have your own analysis tools? No problem!

Kepion can establish a native connection with powerful analytical tools, such as Power BI, Tableau, Excel PivotTable, QlikView and many more. It’s a simple process that allows business users to continue feeling right at home.

Customer Spotlight


Airport Terminal Services (ATS)

ATS provides aviation ground services in the United States and Canada. Kepion helped ATS with providing a project based budgeting & forecasting tool for their analyst to create contract bids, set targets & reforecast operational expenses and conduct yearly budgeting process for the entire organization.

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