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Kepion Apps Platform Demo

Whether it's an app for collecting sales projections, or setting strategic targets, with Kepion, you can have apps for all aspects of your business.

And with Kepion's hybrid cloud environment, you have the choice of whether you want your apps in the cloud or within your own environment.

  • Kepion Overview Video

    Kepion Overview

    Kepion provides a unified corporate performance management solution for finance, sales and operations.

  • Kepion Platform Demo Video

    Kepion Apps Platform

    Kepion Platform lets you build enterprise apps truly around the way you work.

  • Kepion Platform Demo Video

    Kepion Dashboard
    Planning and Reporting

    Kepion Dashboard is a new way of delivering BI through the web. It is the fastest way to putting together a dashboard for your audience.

  • Kepion Power BI Demo Video

    Kepion + Power BI

    Kepion + Power BI allows you to set new targets, run what-if scenarios and make better decisions for maximizing your company's performance.

  • Kepion SharePoint Demo Video

    Kepion + SharePoint 2013

    Kepion can integrate with your SharePoint 2013 to effectively monitor, analyze and plan for your company's future.

  • Kepion Balance-Sheet Demo Video

    Balance Sheet & Cash Flow

    With Kepion, it is easy and flexible to build financial reporting and planning modules truly around the way you work.

  • Kepion Capex Planning Demo Video

    Capital Asset Planning

    With Kepion, capital asset planning can be simplified through driver-based inputs, and tied with core financial statements at real time.

  • Kepion Revenue Planning Demo Video

    Revenue Planning

    With Kepion, sales forecasts can be done by product or customer, along with driver based promotions planning.

  • Kepion Expense Planning Demo Video

    Expense Planning

    With Kepion, your budgeting and financial planning process can be streamlined with a real-time view of your expenses going forward.

  • Kepion Sales Performance Management Demo Video

    Sales Performance Management

    Kepion for Sales enables you to establish an effective sales strategy, align your sales team to your overall objectives and optimize sales performance.

  • Kepion Workforce Planning Demo Video

    Workforce Planning

    With Kepion, workforce planning can be built specific for HR to plan for new hires and better manage personnel costs.

  • Kepion Timesheet Management Demo Video

    Timesheet Management

    With Kepion, you can build resource planning apps to better manage project deliveries and consulting resources.

  • Kepion Demand Planning Demo Video

    Demand Planning

    Conduct better consensus and collaboration with Kepion's Demand Planning Software. Adjust statistical and rule-based models to enable better forecast accuracy.

  • Kepion Supply Planning Demo Video

    Supply Planning

    Kepion allows for real-time planning across enterprise wide supply network. Quickly create and conduct scenario comparisons and tradeoffs.

  • Kepion Sales and Operations Planning Demo Video

    Sales and Operations Planning

    Kepion streamlines both sales and operations planning process into a single unified solution. This allows business functions collaborate across the organization.

  • Kepion Project Portfolio Demo Video

    Project Planning

    Create new projects, assign tasks, optimize resource levels, track plans and generate multi-level reports to drive quick decision-making.

  • Reece Customer Success Story

    Reece Success Story

    Kepion helps Reece streamline their budgeting and forecasting process.

  • IHME Customer Success Story

    IHME Success Story

    Kepion helps the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) plan and collaborate more effectively.

  • Slalom Partner Success Story

    Slalom Success Story

    Kepion partners with Slalom Consulting to delivery BI & Performance Management solutions to customers.

  • Kepion Setup Guide

    Kepion Setup Guide

    This video provides a quick guide for installing and configuring Kepion in your own environment.

  • SQL Server Setup Guide

    SQL Server Setup Guide

    This video provides a quick guide for installing SQL Server for Kepion installation.

  • Adding Sample App Guide

    Adding Sample App

    This video provides a quick guide for adding a sample app with Kepion.

  • Introduction to Modeler

    Introduction to Modeler

    This is a brief introduction to the Kepion Modeler that walks you through the process of creating an application within Kepion.

  • Workflow & Security Setup Guide

    Workflow & Security Setup

    This video provides a how-to guide on setting up users, groups and roles and security permission to applications within Kepion.

  • Dashboard Designer Guide

    Dashboard Designer

    This video provides a step-by-step guide for creating and customizing dashboards and best practices.

  • Rules Designer Guide

    Rules Designer

    This overview video will walk you through a sample process of building data rules with the new Data Rules Designer within Kepion.