What’s New

APP Description

How to add descriptions to APPs.

Dashboard Component Format

Dashboard component formatting with bulk update option.

File Store Attachment

File store allows you to upload attachments through a Kepion dashboard and share files of any type with your teammates. You can create file stores and manage the associated files by dimension. Before You Start Here are some things to know before you begin this process. File size limit: … Read More

Workflow Rule

A Workflow Rule allows you to run SQL statements upon workflow actions, such as Post, Approve, Reject, etc. Use Case In this example, we have an advanced workflow configured for Revenue Planning. We would like to archive Forecast data when an Approver clicks “Approve” on the Dashboard Action Menu. … Read More

Convert Kepion Form to Excel Pivot Table

Here we will explore how to convert a Kepion Form to an Excel Pivot Table. Let’s first understand the layout structure of our example form. We see that we have the following layout definition: On the row definition we have the following: And on the column definition we have … Read More