What’s New

Disallow Users to Export Certain Dashboard Forms

By default, all dashboard forms can be exported into .csv file as long as they are refreshed by the time user clicks the export button in dashboard.  We are now offering an option to exclude specific forms from export.  Click the gear button of the form, and you will … Read More

Sort in Dashboard Forms

Sort is now available in dashboard forms. Right click on any cells in the form, and click Sort. In the Sort window, you can add the columns that you want to sort by, and specify the sort order.   Please note, if there is drop-down list configured on the … Read More

Run Rules on Selected Cells

Users can now run complex business rules on any selected data cells from a form.  A popular scenario that uses this functionality is allocating data at different levels of aggregation.  Here, in our sample application we illustrate the use for this case.  In the application, we provide two methods to allocate data: Set a … Read More

Power BI and Value Attributes

When connecting to Kepion cubes from Power BI, you may notice attributes ending with a “value”.  Some of the “value” attributes are necessary, as they may relate to the Time dimension.  However, for most dimensions, the “value” attributes may seem extraneous. To remove the “value” attributes, go into Modeler … Read More

Customize the Support Window

By configuring the support settings, you can direct your end users to the appropriate support desk for help. You can customize the default support dialog by specifying the following: Email: this is the support email that users can send their issues to Message: this is the default message that … Read More