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Deliver expense plans that drive performance

Easily perform what-if analysis on different spending scenarios for planning.  

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Gain in-depth insights into your expense management

expense budgeting software

Expense planning includes other expenses that go along with planning for revenue and operations. These expenses are often driver-based, for example, travel expense was driven by the number of trips and the average cost per trip. Communicate your reasoning for expense items through cell-specific annotations. Centralized management of assumptions and formulas for expense calculations and rollups. 

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expense management

Save time through driver-based expense planning

Planning for travel expenses can be simplified by just entering the number of trips and the cost of each trip for a project. Kepion can then calculate the rest for you. This simplifies data entry for various types of budget managers across the organization.

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expense tracking

Collaborate with your team as you plan

Sometimes numbers don’t explain enough details or reasoning. Kepion provides cell-specific annotations for users to communicate the reasoning behind their numbers. These annotations are also specific to the slice-and-dice data you are viewing as well.

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bi reporting software

Perform what-if analysis with different spending scenarios

Easily spin up multiple scenarios using different expense models and immediately understand the impacts on the performance of your business. Kepion guided report builder allows users to quickly leverage report views to manage expenses across all projects. Variances between actual and plan can be monitored by week, month, quarter, or year to ensure your project expenses are in-line.

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expense rates

Manage and centralize expense assumptions

Centralize the management of expense business logic and formulas for departmental and overhead expense calculations and rollups. These drivers help simplify the expense planning process so that Kepion can help tie it together with automated calculations and aggregations. Expense reports can then be easily generated for budget managers to review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With new pressures on the business to stay nimble while managing performance, we see organizations tightening their expenses and increasing associated expense reporting, analysis and modeling across the enterprise. This expense information should be real-time, without the need for manual inputs and manipulations, with standardized reporting for all departments in the organization.

With market volatility and frequent changes in expense assumptions comes the need to create new models in your plan with new assumptions applied. It should be simple for organizations to create new scenarios, to perform what-if analysis based upon the changes and to be able to compete in a market with sales and performance shifts.

An expense planning solution should provide you with the ability to categorize expenses based upon different categories or dimensions that drive your business. It should include historical data with expense details from previous years, as well as revenue and performance details across those same categories. Users should have the proper security to see their departments and the data that pertains to their role, but they should not see sensitive data such as salary or benefit data. Reports and dashboards should be available directly in the solution to provide users with the ability to analyze their plan in a single platform without leaving the solution.

Users enter data at the detailed level in some cases, or at a summarized level for others. It depends on the business and the company. With Kepion, you are able to configure your expense plan with a driver-based solution, with inputs that are as detailed as your company, or as a combination of the two. You have the ultimate flexibility in setting up your solution, depending on how you run your business.  

Kepion provides several options for reporting and analysis directly within Kepion and your planning solution. All reports, dashboards and scorecards reside in the same interface as the input forms, so that you never have to access reports from separate products or interfaces to perform analysis. You design your solution with the user in mind, providing those reports and views that are most important to them and their analysis requirements.