A job at Kepion is unlike any other you’ve had. You’ll face challenging problems. You’ll continue to be inspired. But most of all, you’ll be proud. At Kepion we’re self-motivated to learn and drive new breakthroughs in technology as if we owned it ourselves.

Work on innovative technologies

In our R&D group, we work with the latest technologies in the industry to deliver innovative products to our customers. Our aim at making the complex simple. For this, we bring together the brightest minds from top companies and research groups to Kepion to collaborate on developing new breakthroughs.

Never stop learning

We never stop learning at Kepion. When there is a question or need, there would always be someone to help. Our priority is to see Kepion succeed and we help each other to make that happen.

Own a piece of your work

At Kepion we remain true to our roots, innovate and create. Not only does this exist in our R&D, but also with our service deliveries as we engage with customers on tackling industry’s most challenging problems. Employees of Kepion take pride in the accomplishments done with customers on an everyday basis.

Why work at Kepion

Take on the opportunity to work with smart, fun and hardworking people! If you are passionate about technology and BI, you will find Kepion to be a great place to meet others with the same drive as you and grow your career. When you deliver results and increased value, we make sure there will be rewards that follow.

We are all about flexibility. From telecommuting to flexible hours, we value more about the delivering on results than regulated hours. Kepion is committed to bringing the best work life balance for their employees.

Where do I begin

Please email a copy of your resume/CV to and the position you are applying for.

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