Microsoft Integrated Performance Management Software

Kepion powered by Microsoft

With Microsoft at its foundation, Kepion’s performance management software takes full advantage of the scalability and performance of the industry-leading cloud, SQL, and BI technology.

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An enterprise business platform that’s trusted by companies both large and small.
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Kepion enterprise architecture

Updated Layers

With Microsoft Cloud, SQL, and BI technologies, Kepion takes robust and flexible planning to the next level for Microsoft customers.

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What-if Power BI

Combine the powerful what-if analysis and scenario modeling of Kepion with market-leading visualizations and interactive dashboards of Power BI for a single embedded user experience.

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Integrated ERP + BI + EPM

Optimize your Microsoft investment, integrating Microsoft Dynamics, Power BI and Kepion with out-of-the-box integration and no need for third-party tools.

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Kepion on #1 cloud platform

Experience the full power of Kepion while reducing your infrastructure, maintenance, and upgrade costs by moving your planning to the Microsoft cloud.

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Microsoft Story

Native connection to Excel

Leverage your Excel models to tap into real-time analytics with Kepion for powerful what-if scenario planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CPM stands for Corporate Performance Management and describes software that companies of all sizes use to track the financials and performance of their organizations, by consolidating their financial and operational data, providing a means for planning and forecasting, as well as analysis through dashboards and reports to track and understand the performance of their business. This class of application is also known as EPM (Enterprise Performance Management).

BI stands for Business Intelligence, and is a broad description for software that is used by organizations to provide insights into data, through the use of reports, graphs, dashboards and other visual displays used to report on data. BI solutions also include the backend processes required to prepare the data, including data integration, extraction, transformation and loading.

Power BI is a product developed by Microsoft that is used by companies to perform BI or business intelligence. Power BI has an interactive and intuitive user interface that provides data visualization, and is the top BI solution across the globe.

Power BI does not have write-back, or planning functionality, embedded within its product offering. Therefore, companies require a separate software solution to perform planning, budgeting or forecasting. With Kepion, companies are able to maintain their Power BI standard for reporting and analytics with an integrated solution for organization-wide planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, financial reporting and analytics.

With the Kepion platform, companies are able to consolidate and integrate their various data sources, providing a centralized repository for their key business processes within Kepion. Included in those data sources and applications are Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, Power BI and other cloud applications housed within the Microsoft Azure cloud framework, all managed through powerful enterprise-level application security.