Enterprise Business Intelligence Modeler

Fastest Way to Build BI and CPM Solutions

Manage your business and keep pace with change through Kepion’s enterprise business intelligence tools.

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The most flexible enterprise application modeling platform

BI Modeler

Kepion Modeler helps business and IT users accelerate their BI data warehousing and CPM solutions development by automating the complex technical build-up process. Through a guided click-through process, you can build BI and CPM solutions in minutes instead of weeks or months.

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Self Service Modeling

Transform your planning to match your enterprise business planning process

Kepion Modeler simplifies the solution-building process so any user can build a planning application. Take advantage of the powerful analysis capabilities of the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform through the Kepion Modeler.

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drag drop reporting

Designed and managed by the business

Kepion allows you to create custom input forms and dashboards that are intuitive to any Excel user. By utilizing all the standard Excel formatting features of our enterprise business intelligence software, you can customize form views gauged for the exact right audience. Assign your data members to the row, column, and filter and immediately preview your form before publishing.

When you’re done, combine multiple forms, filters, key performance indicators (KPI), charts, and graphs onto an open dashboard canvas through a drag-and-drop process. It’s as easy as that!

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bi reporting software

Model your business with unmatched flexibility

Planning and reporting essentials, including annual budgeting, rolling forecast, variance analysis, and what-if scenario modeling, require central ties with all data systems. These systems usually involve a General Ledger (GL), Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), Human Resource system (HR), and other Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) elements or data warehouses. Within Kepion, you can tie all your information gathered via enterprise business intelligence into one system for quick access and navigation.

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business rule editor

Experience the power and scalability of Kepion

One of the most complex areas of planning applications is business rules. How rules are developed can affect the performance and functionality of the system. Kepion provides a business rules designer that not only enables calculations in-memory but also on the relational tables as well. This allows complex calculations to be executed more efficiently for dynamic what-if scenario analysis.

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