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Integrate all your HR system data together into a single interface to allows easy inputs of these cost drivers and show the top-line results

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Align workforce planning process together


Planning for your company’s workforce can be daunting when handling payroll taxes, bonuses, workers’ compensation, and much more. Ultimately you want these to be the drivers of personnel expenses that show on the P&L.

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workforce software

All-in-one workforce management analytics and labor management

Integrate your HR systems into a single interface to track labor costs and uncover how your most important resource affects performance.  Automatically calculate payroll taxes in detail, by the employee, subject to wage ceilings, FICA, Medicare, FUTA, and SUTA. Any other personnel-related expenses, such as PTO based on the number of months in service, floating days, overtime, shift premium, shift differential, vacation pay, and holiday pay can be calculated automatically as well.

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payrate assumption

Perform what-if scenario planning workforce development

Assess varying financial scenarios, understanding the impacts of adjusting start dates, annual raise assumptions, and bonus structures.  Kepion provides a full end-to-end environment for setting strategic targets, analyzing workforce gaps, developing personnel requirements, allocating resources, and monitoring cost opportunities & risks. With Kepion, you can streamline your workforce planning process across the organization.

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fte allocation

Model your workforce plan based on how your business works

Build your labor plan with specific employee-level details and costs, or through driver-based calculations using departmental FTE totals and assumptions.  Use assumptions tables to manage different workers’ compensation rates to job codes, bonus percentages to salary grades, or productivity assumptions to billing codes.

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personnel planning

Leverage workforce optimization software across your organization

Create your HR plan once and let it flow to your operational, financial, and strategic plans, providing labor insights automatically and continuously. Model driver-based planning modules to be driven by revenues, staffing needs, or budget allocations. Spread values over time for upcoming hiring needs and see an immediate impact on the bottom line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Workforce planning, also known as headcount planning, workforce management, HR planning and Human Capital Management (HCM) is a process that organizations use to identify and analyze the workforce of today and to plan and prepare for the headcount requirements, salaries, benefits and associated costs for the future.

Employees and associated expenses are the most expensive resource within most organizations. Therefore, being able to manage the workforce efficiently and accurately is paramount to any organization that is focused on performance and managing costs while maximizing their productivity and output.

It depends. Every company is different and requires HR planning that aligns with their industry and business best practices. Kepion’s platform allows for total flexibility in how organizations manage their headcount, providing several different options and levels of detail for analyzing, modeling and preparing their workforce plans.

Workforce planning requires accurate HR data from source systems to perform workforce analysis and reporting, coupled with detailed, enterprise-level security to ensure salaries and other sensitive data are only available to the appropriate individuals. Workforce planning solutions also require the ability to plan for workforce activities and events such as hiring, retiring, attrition, temporary and hourly staffing, as well as the ability to manage potentially complex calculations to take into account the benefits, bonuses, commissions, taxes and annual raises and promotions for employees.

HR planning is a key process that feeds the integrated company planning for an organization. In Kepion, all of this occurs within the same solution and platform. Users with access to HR planning in Kepion will be able to work on and submit their HR plan, and Kepion automatically feeds the resulting salary expenses to corporate planning, consolidated at the department or function level. In this way you have a truly integrated planning process, with data loading and reconciliation performed automatically by Kepion.