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Plan beyond finance with Kepion S&OP

Kepion’s Sales and Operations Planning software provide a collaborative real-time solution to accelerate your S&OP process maturity.

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Align your supply and demand decisions

S&OP process

Kepion Sales and Operations Planning software align your supply and demand decisions into a unified process. Accelerate the maturity of your S&OP process by empowering planners to collaborate across business functions, understand financial impact with what-if scenarios and easily adjust planning models.

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supply chain balance

Real-time Supply-Demand Balancing

Interactively balance supply and demand in real-time at aggregate or detailed levels based on your adjustments and transparent business rules. Immediately assess full P&L of decisions. Drill down into details and analyze demand and supply changes, KPIs by products, and all dimensions that matter to the business.

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demand forecasting software

Conduct what-if scenario planning to prepare for the unexpected

Immediately create, share, and compare scenarios across the business. Manage scenarios on plans and master data to simulate adding products, changing sources, and routing. Leverage change history, annotations, and assumptions tracking. Compare scenarios on-the-fly, track data changes within the supply chain network, and develop the best course of action.

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ETL Data Integration Tool

Enable collaboration across the organization

Integrate sales, finance, product, and marketing plans and input to maximize productivity and get ahead of market changes. Have a closed-loop process for integrating plans across Finance, Sales, and Marketing. Collaborate with trade partners like suppliers, distributors, and customers all in one place.

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S&OP executive

Sales and operations planning executive review

Get real-time visibility into your sales and operations planning process. Drill down immediately into where the process is at, who is responsible, and have complete visibility of company’s actuals and forecasted units. Kepion’s interactive dashboards and reports allow you to drill down into details and analyze demand and supply changes, KPIs by products, customers, regions, and any other business dimensions. Perform real-time reporting and analysis on KPIs and actuals, using executive dashboards to enable timely access to all levels of the business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sales and operations planning, or S&OP, is an integrated business process for organizations to effectively manage their supply and demand. The process can be coordinated across all business units and focus on alignment between sales and finance. Organizations are integrating operational planning processes, data, and line-of-business users into financial planning processes. This combines operational and financial results along with narratives to add meaning and make management reports more actionable for organizations.

Organizations need to be proactive in how they manage their business, now more than ever before. With S&OP, companies can track performance that incorporates sales, financial and operational drivers, and are able to easily create new scenarios to understand the impacts the changes will make to their bottom line. Including S&OP processes in Kepion provides you with a powerful platform to collaborate with your team, increase accountability and ultimately improve performance.

Kepion can scale as your business grows. Our flexible platform allows your business to start with a baseline model for sales and operations planning and reporting. As your business model changes or increases in complexity, Kepion can automate your complex processes into a streamlined and intuitive process flow with a cloud or on-premise solution.

Kepion is designed for small, medium and large enterprises to model their most important business processes, such as planning, budgeting, reporting, consolidation and analytics. Small businesses can leverage one of our pre-built solutions to get started quickly, while mid-size to large enterprises can use our modeler tool to build the solutions that are designed around the way they work.

Kepion leverages the enterprise scale and security of the Microsoft Azure and Business Intelligence environment. Thousands of small and large enterprises have entrusted their data within this same environment. Kepion provides full security controls and an audit trail of activities within the environment as well.