Integrated Business Planning Software

Integrated planning, one single platform

Break down the silos across your departments and employ an integrated business planning framework beyond finance to the edges of your organization. 

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Supply Chain Planning

Planning how your business actually works

Integrated Planning

Model your planning after your business, integrating data and processes from across the enterprise and adjusting course as needed through flexible and powerful scenario modeling.

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Plan across all departments

ETL Data Integration Tool

Integrated departments, functions, and use-cases

Synchronize all people, processes and technology into a single plan, providing company-wide insights into your performance.

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Updated Layers

Collaboration on a single version of the truth

Connect all areas of the business using the same platform, data and models as finance professionals.

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expense budgeting software

Real-time analysis for confident decision-making

An integrated business planning process that allows you to spot the differences between your forecasts and actuals quickly; adjust your plans at the speed of business.

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Financial, Commercial and Operational Integration

Financial, commercial and operational integration

Create more accurate and realistic plans, based on operational drivers, sales data and up-to-the-minute financial results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kepion is a CPM solution that provides an integrated approach to business planning, budgeting and forecasting for finance, sales, supply chain, operations, HR and IT. With Kepion, data is consolidated into a single platform for reporting and analysis across the enterprise.

Decision-making within an organization is no longer single threaded; decisions cannot be made in a vacuum. In order to compete in today’s business climate and to keep up with market fluctuations, businesses are needing to understand the true performance of their organization, taking into account all departments, for an integrated and single point of understanding of analysis and management of the business.

Some companies have been managing their departments in silos, with separated data processes and systems making it impossible to have a full understanding of the true performance of an organization. As a result, there is limited intradepartmental communication and data sharing and reporting with poor visibility into the business units. Forecasts tend to be consistently missed, which leads to missed opportunities to affect business performance.

Streamlining your business and eliminating manual processes to allow for faster turnaround for plans provides finance, sales, HR and management with the data and models required to make important decisions. Kepion provides a flexible and powerful platform for small, medium and large enterprises by bridging the gap between finance and operations and uncovering insights within the context of key planning and business processes.

Organizations are requiring more accurate and integrated planning on a single platform that includes operations, sales, departmental and financial results in a single solution. They expect all areas of the business to be connected, including store managers, plant floor managers, departmental managers, etc. to input planning data, to collaborate, and to report on and track performance.