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AI-based demand prediction and sensing across your business


Kepion provides the intuitive and guided apps for your demand planning team to effectively drive real results.  Collect inputs at any level of the product, customer, and organization hierarchy and define rules based on input accuracy and time horizons.

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workflow process tracker

Real-time monitor & analysis of your demand & supply chain planning process

Get real-time visibility into your demand planning process. Drill down immediately into where the process is at, who is responsible, and have full visibility of the company’s actuals and forecasted units. Kepion’s interactive dashboards and reports allow you to drill down into details and analyze demand changes, KPIs by products, customers, regions, and any other business dimensions.  Conduct aggregation, disaggregation, allocation, and cell locking.

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predictive forecasting software

Leverage Kepion AI ML demand forecasting models for improved accuracy

Create consensus-based plans in a collaborative process across sales, supply chain, and finance for a single version of the truth.  Understand reasons for demand forecast through driver-based modeling and cell change history.  Leverage out-of-box predictive forecasting models to pre-seed baseline plans across the organization.  Ability to factor market intelligence and seasonality assumptions into the demand planning model.  Identify accuracy and exception cases when drilling down to archived demand forecast values.  

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demand forecasting software

Manage your product portfolio

Plan for product life cycles with real-time insights into your portfolio and understand the effects of new product introductions on the entire business.  Fine-tune new products and promotions with curve-fit & cannibalization modeling and integrate promotion planning directly into your plans. Collaborate effectively with sales and marketing initiatives.  

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ETL Data Integration Tool

Automate CRM and ERP data integration for real-time sync of customers & products

Integrating actual sales and production data from a CRM or other enterprise system is a common need in demand planning. Many demand plans begin with the integration of detailed sales data – units and pricing, sliced by various dimensions. Kepion provides direct integration ties with multiple systems so that both historical sales and future demand forecasts can be viewed through a single interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Demand planning, or demand forecasting, is the planning process that organizations go through to predict customer demand for products or services. It provides organizations with an understanding of the market and is used to optimize your business’s ability to meet demand in the most effective way possible.

Demand planning software provides you with a systemized way to track customer, region, and organizational data and inputs that affect your overall consumer demand. They include out-of-the-box statistical models to track and understand consumer behavior based upon historical, industry and seasonality assumptions and trends. In addition, demand planning can be integrated into your supply and financial planning solutions as well, providing a full understanding of your business, and providing the solutions to feed one another with changes and updates to assumptions and drivers.

It depends. Every company is different and requires demand planning that aligns with their industry and business best practices. Kepion allows for total flexibility in how organizations manage their demand planning and supply chain, providing several different options and levels of detail for analyzing, modeling and preparing their demand plans.

Kepion includes a comprehensive reporting solution to support your demand planning needs. The reporting and analysis of your business occurs directly within your demand plan, providing you with the analysis required to accurately adjust your scenarios and assumptions. Kepion provides you with reports, charts and graphs, dashboards and scorecards that can support your users and their analysis needs. The Kepion customer success team or a global partner can help you determine how best to model your business within Kepion.

Again, this depends on what data is required for your business. With Kepion’s flexible and scalable platform, you can integrate any data sources that are needed to support your demand planning. Whether you require CRM or POS systems, Kepion can include the required data, and can also provide drill-through capabilities, so that users can view the transactions that make up actuals necessary for your plan.