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Supply plans that meet demand consistently

Kepion Supply Planning Software empowers you to plan for production, material, and capacity requirements to meet demand.

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Plan your supply chain network and capacity

supply planning software

Kepion’s integrated supply chain planning software allows you to compare real-time scenarios on your supply chain network, including lead times, resources, multi-level BOMs, and sourcing locations. Quickly adjust demand and supply parameters and see the immediate impact of planning results across the global supply chain. The supply plan can be conducted at weekly, sub-weekly, or monthly time levels across different locations, BOMs, capacity, and material constraints.

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inventory planning software

Optimize your global supply chain

Adjust demand and supply parameters and immediately understand the impact of the changes and fluctuations across the global supply chain. Conduct “what-if” scenarios in response to disruptions like plant shutdowns, material reductions, and demand spikes. Compare scenarios on-the-fly, even when master data changes within the supply chain network.

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Inventory visibility and projections

Manage global inventory by setting current and projected inventory positions to support fluctuating demands and supply variability. Complete inventory KPI’s and see immediate P&L impact based on supply planning decisions. Set inventory targets across locations.

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workflow process tracker

Gain complete visibility on inventory

Track quantities, costs and KPIs across your supply chain, and balance inventory with supply capacities to avoid excess and obsolete inventory.

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kpi tracking

Understand the impacts to your business

Experience a complete view of supply dependencies across all entities and product lines and maintain up-to-the-minute reports with KPIs, alerts and cost modeling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Supply planning or supply chain management is the planning process that organizations go through to manage the flow of goods and services through their distribution, manufacturing, storage, inventory management and procurement processes. It provides a means to plan your supply chain network and capacity and to perform actions such as adjusting lead-times, managing inventory levels, and assessing material and resource constraints.

The need to reforecast and create new scenarios to model changes in the supply chain drives the need for a systemized approach to supply chain management and planning. With an integrated supply planning software solution, companies are able to understand their supply chain network in real time, and can perform analysis to identify issues before they occur. Incorporating demand data provides a full view of the global supply chain and supports the most difficult changes such as plant shutdowns, material reductions and demand spikes.

It depends. Every company is different and requires supply planning that aligns with their industry and business best practices. Kepion allows for total flexibility in how organizations manage their supply chain, providing several different options and levels of detail for analyzing, modeling and preparing their supply plans.

Kepion includes a comprehensive reporting solution to support all your supply chain management needs. The reporting and analysis of your business occurs directly within your supply plan, providing you with the analysis required to accurately adjust your supply chain scenarios and assumptions. Kepion provides you with reports, charts and graphs, dashboards and scorecards that can support your users and their analysis needs. The Kepion customer success team or a global partner can help you determine how best to model your business within Kepion.

Kepion provides an integrated solution for companies to understand their full business performance within a single platform and solution. When changes are made to the underlying supply chain data, those inventory amounts are automatically incorporated into your P&L, providing you with an immediate, real-time understanding and impact to your income statement with your supply chain decisions.