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Align your sales team to your objectives

sales planning software

Kepion Sales Performance Management (SPM) software enables you to establish an effective sales strategy, align your sales team to your overall objectives and optimize sales performance. Kepion for Sales allows you to forecast faster and more reliably. Continuously monitor actual performance against goals and ultimately see the impact on your financial income statement and cash flow.

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SPM Software

Monitor and analyze your sales in real-time

Get real-time visibility into your sales plans and sales comparisons between actuals and plans. Kepion’s interactive dashboards and reports allow you to drill down into details and analyze pipeline changes, bookings, and KPIs by products, customers, salespeople, regions, and any other business dimensions. Drill down into more information and analyze pipeline changes, bookings, and KPIs by products, customers, salesperson, and critical measurements for your business.

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crm integrate

Automatically integrate with sales data

Integrating actual sales data from a CRM or other enterprise system is a common need in revenue planning. Many revenue plans begin with integrating detailed sales data – units and pricing, sliced by various dimensions. Kepion provides direct integration ties with multiple systems to view historical and future demand sales through a single interface.

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sales strategy

Establish an effective sales strategy

Identify market opportunities and trends. Only Kepion for Sales can help you with what-if scenario modeling, discovering new market segments and territories, setting attainable quota targets, etc. Staff your sales teams more effectively. Simulate commission payments based on different scenarios, and monitor the attainment through a direct connection to your CRM.

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sales targets

Align to meet sales objectives

Enable your sales team to optimize their sales plan to meet strategic objectives. Use Kepion for Sales to connect revenue expectations with quota targets, enable sales teams to collaborate, and provide cross-functional visibility and agreement. Get a handle on the complexity of sales territory hierarchies and related salespeople, product hierarchies, and key account assignments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Planning, also known as Sales Forecasting, Sales Performance Management or Sales Analytics, provides you with a platform to track and manage your sales representatives, territories, pipeline, revenue, cost of sales, quotas and other drivers that impact sales performance.

With Kepion, organizations have full flexibility in how they manage their sales plans, at the level of detail they require to create effective and accurate forecasts to model their business. Pre-built sales planning models exist to jumpstart your Kepion implementation, but there is also flexibility in how you manage your planning process, building your plans around the way you work.

The Kepion platform can link to any data source, and has integrations defined for most standard CRMs. If the integration does not already exist, Kepion can leverage Microsoft Integration Services to enable the loading of data from any data source required from customers.

With Kepion you can incorporate any dimension or data category that is important to you running your business. Therefore, you’re able to track sales by customer, sales rep or employee, region, business unit, product, channel, etc.

You can be more proactive in how you manage sales and can understand how sales drivers impact performance easily and consistently. You can become more accurate in your sales forecasting process, and can track margins, expenses and pipelines without needing to perform one-off analyses through or other CRM systems. You are also able to perform scenario and what-if analysis, understanding how changes in sales and product offerings and quotas affect overall sales performance.