Consolidation & Close Management

Automate your consolidation & monthly close

Move off of Excel and streamline your financial consolidation and close management.

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financial consolidation

Experience a fast month-end close

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Kepion provides the platform and capabilities for automatically consolidating entities, dimensions, and currencies. With our centralized database, automated data integration, multi-currency handling, driver-based modeling, and flexible reporting and analysis tools, users can create and track consolidation adjustments, including intercompany eliminations and minority interest calculations.

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rollup consolidation

Automate and standardize your consolidation

Eliminate manual and error-prone processes by automating your consolidation and monthly-close, maximizing financial efficiency and accuracy. Driver-based planning for intercompany activity in elimination accounts or minority interest impact on the P&L.

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consolidation process

Simplify and control your consolidation workflow

Streamline your most complex processes and step users through their activities, speeding up cycles and eliminating confusion and errors. Within broader organizations, multiple entities can be linked together and automatically consolidated. Data designated to be shared automatically consolidates from “child” entities to the “parent” entities. When entities’ data is rolled up to their parent entities, financial data is automatically converted from their local currency to the currency of the parent entity.

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audit trail history

Collect your full audit trail

Track all changes in the system for full accountability and integrity, understanding changes by user, time, department, and impacted accounts. Full audit trail tracking enables full assurance of all changes to be shown accountable.

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board reporting

Integrate consolidated data with planning & analysis

Use consolidated financial statements and results to feed your plans and serve as the basis for forecasting and scenario modeling. Kepion provides a guided click-through process for building forms that is intuitive to any Excel user. Assign your data members to row, column, and filter, and you can immediately preview your report before publishing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Finance organizations spend a lot of time and energy cleaning up and analyzing data so that they can present the consolidated data and associated reports to the rest of the organization. In addition to the monthly and periodic data and reporting requirements from the company, they also have experienced increased governance and compliance requirements, in addition to the need to accomplish more responsibilities and activities but with less resources.

The monthly close is the constant process that finance organizations must undergo to close the books each month for the business. While the process is consistent and typically straight-forward, certain tasks can be extremely time-consuming depending on the corporate systems and processes that support the close. Often it is the finance organization who must compensate for the lack of systemized or automated processes in order to complete the monthly close for the greater organization. Kepion provides a solution to assist in the automation of these activities, to reduce the overall monthly close process, and to take the burden off the teams who are performing these tasks today, freeing them up for more strategic, value add activities.

Organizations want to move towards true financial intelligence through the automation of the standardized operational and tactical processes. Teams are having to do less with more, and the more time-consuming and error-prone activities can be automated to free up teams to perform more strategic and value-add activities, improving the overall company performance.

Kepion provides the framework for several processes for consolidation, including consolidations, data imports, intercompany eliminations, currency translation, CTA calculations, allocations and standard report distributions.

As data is loaded from your data sources, for example from your GL, ERP, CRM, data warehouse or other proprietary sources, Kepion consolidates this data within a centralized platform, all within the Microsoft framework. This data is now available in a single version of the truth and can be used for reporting, analysis, dashboards and scorecards. Many of our clients use Kepion as their common platform for enterprise-wide financial reporting and analysis.