Planning Around the Way You Work

Kepion solutions provide a collaborative platform across the enterprise, supporting your most important business processes.

About Kepion

Why we're here

Kepion was developed in 2009 by a team of Microsoft researchers, developers and consultants who were creating solutions with the Microsoft BI platform - but were missing a comprehensive planning solution.They knew there was a better way.

It’s all about results

Since 2009 we have been making tremendous progress in delivering our solution to a growing list of global customers and partners. We continue satisfying customer requirements by providing a rapid development approach towards planning and analytics.

Just ask our customers

We have developed and maintained close relationships with our customers, closely in tune because of our subscription-based business model. This keeps Kepion committed to providing new releases and the best in customer service, aligning with the needs of our customers year after year.

About Kepion

Delivering realized value

Kepion provides realized value that most other spreadsheet-based or enterprise software alternatives cannot compete with. We waste no time in delivering ROI to you, getting your users up to speed quickly with real-time planning and analytics tailored to your needs.

Microsoft Platform Technology

Built on the Microsoft Azure and BI platform, Kepion solutions advantage of the best-in-class cloud and BI technology stack available. Companies of all sizes employ Kepion’s easy-to-use modeling capabilities to get planning and analytics apps up and running in days instead of months.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Kepion is unmatched in reducing TCO compared to enterprise software alternatives. Typical implementation duration for Kepion is measured in days and weeks instead of months or years, with minimal training time and limited need of IT support.

Gartner Awards

Company Built On Customer Success

We continue to grow with our customers and partners in their success with Kepion and in our pursuit to simplify planning to its core. We are on a mission to help people understand and act on their data.