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Maximize profitability with Kepion revenue planning

revenue forecast software

Revenue planning is vital to most companies when conducting budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. Whether its production plan integrates costs and revenue with sales unit volumes, or retail planning to a ramp-up store, or even for non-profit organizations to plan for membership, pledge drives, or other fundraising events.  Kepion covers the spectrum of planning scenarios in need for dimensions such as product and customer, and for driver-based planning using variations of units times price.

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driver based revenue

Save time through driver-based revenue planning

Instead of entering calculated values derived on your own, utilize Kepion’s powerful calculation engine to run the math for you. Simply enter in the driving values, for example, unit volume, and Kepion can easily pick up associated prices and output the gross sales for you, in addition to any other calculations associated with these accounts. 

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CRM Forecast

Unify CRM data and revenue forecast into one place

Many revenue plans begin with the integration of detailed sales data – units and pricing, sliced by various dimensions. Kepion provides direct integration ties with multiple systems so that both historical and future demand sales can be viewed through a single interface.

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bi reporting software

Perform what-if analysis using revenue scenarios

Easily create different what-if scenarios based on revenue assumptions and see how the changes affect the full financial plan. Kepion ties together data-driven from multiple planning modules so that you would always have a top-line view of your organization. This allows users to easily perform what-if analysis based on different scenarios and assumptions.

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ETL Data Integration Tool

Combine all sales and demand data into your plan

Automatically integrate your revenue plan with your sales and demand data from your CRM or other enterprise systems. Model driver-based planning modules to drive costs, staffing, and capital assets from the sales plan. Spread values over time for upcoming revenue and see an immediate impact on the bottom line. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

With new pressures on the business to stay nimble while managing performance, we see organizations adjusting their revenue assumptions and shifting their business models to stay competitive. This requires a planning solution that changes with you, and is flexible enough to reforecast and reformulate plans with ease, providing appropriate reporting, analysis and modeling for your business.

With market volatility and frequent changes in revenue assumptions comes the need to create new models in your plan with new assumptions applied. It should be simple for organizations to create new scenarios, to perform what-if analysis based upon the changes and to be able to compete in a market with sales and performance shifts.

Revenue planning should provide you with the ability to categorize your sales and revenue based upon different categories or dimensions that drive your business. It should include historical data with revenue details from previous years, as well as expense and performance details across those same categories. Reports and dashboards should be available directly in the solution to provide users with the ability to analyze their plan without leaving the solution.

Companies using Kepion can configure their solution with a tops-down, bottoms-up, or a hybrid version with both detailed and summarized planning or budgeting for their business. When you set up your system, the Kepion customer success team or one of our global partners will be able to assist you in determining the most effective way to configure Kepion to ensure it is built around the way you work.

Kepion provides several options for reporting and analysis directly within Kepion and your planning solution. All reports, dashboards and scorecards reside in the same interface as the input forms, so that you never have to access reports from separate products or interfaces to perform analysis. You design your solution with the user in mind, providing those reports and views that are most important to them and their analysis requirements.