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Conduct What-if Analysis & Planning with Power BI & Kepion

Combine the insights of Power BI analysis with planning powered by Kepion.

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Kepion + Power BI

Power BI

To stay competitive, not only do you need better insights into your business, but you also have to collaborate on an integrated plan for the future. Kepion + Power BI data analytics allow you to set new targets, run what-if scenarios, and make better decisions to maximize your company’s performance.

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Rev by region

Real-time writeback capability to your Power BI

Kepion helps consolidate all your ERP, CRM, HR and other operational data together, all while collecting insights & forecasts from the business. Get a single view of your company’s performance and future instantaneously with Power BI data analysis.

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Real-time what-if scenario analysis

Kepion + Power BI enables you to run scenario modeling and planning for your company’s future. Whether it’s planning year-over-year growth for new products or conducting risk assessments based on your competition, Kepion + Power BI provides a thorough, in-depth analysis of best, worst, and ideal case scenarios at your fingertips.

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5 Year Project

Build compelling apps

Kepion lets you quickly build finance, marketing, sales and operations planning software with a guided click-through process. It’s as easy as PowerPoint! Quickly share reports and planning apps in seconds with your organization.

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Connect to all your data

Consolidate all your ERP, CRM, HR and other operational data together as you collect insights & forecasts from the business, so that you can immediately have a single view of your company’s performance + future through data analysis with Power BI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Power BI is a product developed by Microsoft that is used by companies to perform BI or business intelligence. Power BI has an interactive and intuitive user interface that provides data visualization, and is the top BI solution across the globe.

Power BI does not have write-back, or planning functionality, embedded within its product offering. Therefore, companies require a separate software solution to perform planning, budgeting or forecasting. With Kepion, companies are able to maintain their Power BI standard for reporting and analytics with an integrated solution for organization-wide planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, financial reporting and analytics.

Organizations that use Kepion with their Power BI platforms have a single, integrated solution that includes the planning forms where users are able to update their data, in addition to the reports and dashboards to perform any analysis required to submit their plan. Kepion includes pre-built apps for companies who require fast, standard solutions for their industry or use case, but also is built upon a powerful and flexible platform, so that companies can build their planning and BI solutions around the way they work.

The Kepion platform includes powerful self-service modeling and workflow management, providing the utmost in scalability and flexibility for companies of all sizes, across all industries and around the globe. Kepion partners with leading global technology and management consulting firms to support customers in their Kepion installations, and to maximize their Power BI and Kepion investments. Kepion also supports customers with comprehensive support and customer success services, ensuring the highest ROI for our customers.

Companies are able to model their business, in any industry, and with the simplest or the most complex of business processes using Power BI and Kepion. Typical application types include annual budgeting, rolling forecasts, management consolidation and monthly close, financial reporting and analysis, opex and capex budgeting, workforce planning, supply chain management, dashboarding and scorecarding and project planning and management.