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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Corporate Performance Management

By - Apr 25, 2017

In a follow-up to my previous post (How to Select the Right CPM Software For Your Medium-Sized Business), I want to highlight some reasons why your small business needs Corporate Performance Management. 1. You don’t have enough time. As a small business owner, you are stretched thin having to … Read More

select the right CPM software for your medium-sized business

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How to Select the Right CPM Software For Your Medium-Sized Business

By - Apr 20, 2017

In our last post we detailed what exactly Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is, why CPM is important, who CPM is important for and what the business benefits of cloud-based CPM software are. In case you missed it, CPM is important for every company, but especially those looking to: Remodel … Read More

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What is Corporate Performance Management (CPM)?

By - Apr 18, 2017

Despite the fact that we have written lots about both Corporate Performance Management (CPM) (this post on How Dashboards & Scorecards Can Improve Your Financial Reporting & this post detailing 5 Ways to Convince Your Boss You Need New CPM Financial Software) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) (this post on … Read More

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5 Ways Dashboards Will Improve Your Finance Game

By - Apr 11, 2017

No matter if you work at a large corporation, a small independent business, or a non-profit, if you have a reasonably functioning finance office, then you will probably be generating (at least) quarterly reports. However, while these reports is standard, actually these reports is a different matter. This is … Read More

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Run Rules on Selected Cells

By - Apr 06, 2017

Users can now run complex business rules on any selected data cells from a form.  A popular scenario that uses this functionality is allocating data (top-down) at different levels of aggregation.  Here, in our sample application we illustrate the use for this case.  In the application, we provide two methods to allocate data: Set … Read More