Best Practice

Security Management

Kepion supports out of the box a powerful security management system that both scales and allows for complex security setups – right down to dimension member access. In this article, we walk through the process of configuring security for a typical application. Each step comes with a short description, … Read More

Server Memory Allocation

We highly recommend configuring the memory threshold of SQL and SSAS server. Otherwise, each server will consume as much available memory as possible, therefore it will kill the environment. We have three best practice suggestions for memory allocation: Always ensure the OS for the machine has at least 2G … Read More

Performance Tuning for Huge Writeback Partition

Too many records in writeback partition will impact both form and rule performance. When you have a huge writeback partition, the first thing we recommend is try to archive historic planning data to a MOLAP partition. If all records are active, we are going to apply the following method. … Read More

Customize the Support Window

By configuring the support settings, you can direct your end users to the appropriate support desk for help. You can customize the default support dialog by specifying the following: Email: this is the support email that users can send their issues to Message: this is the default message that … Read More

Dashboard Rule Component

You can configure one or more SQL rules to run independently on a dashboard by using the Dashboard Rule Component. Each dashboard rule component can be associated with its own action button, SQL rule and execution behavior.  The configurable behaviors include: Rule: you can select from all the SQL rules … Read More