Best Practice

Performance Tuning for Huge Writeback Partition

Too many records in writeback partition will impact both form and rule performance. When you have a huge writeback partition, the first thing we recommend is try to archive historic planning data to a MOLAP partition. If all records are active, we are going to apply the following method. … Read More

Support Window Customization

By configuring the support settings, you can direct your end users to the appropriate support desk for help. You can customize the default support dialog by specifying the following: Email: this is the support email that users can send their issues to Message: this is the default message that … Read More

Dashboard Rule Component

You can configure one or more SQL rules to run independently on a dashboard by using the Dashboard Rule Component. Each dashboard rule component can be associated with its own action button, SQL rule and execution behavior.  The configurable behaviors include: Auto Close: this will cause the execution window to close on … Read More

Azure + SQL Server Performance Best Practice

A recent article by Jason Roth from Microsoft details out the best practices for hosting Azure + SQL Server.  Following the recommendations below can help the performance characteristics of any Kepion implementation on Azure.  For the full article, click here. Quick Checklist The following is a quick check list … Read More

Enhanced Data Filter

Data Filters can be applied on a form to allow users to perform data filtering by column.  With the latest release, Data Filters from one form can also be linked to Data Filters on another form within a dashboard.  Let’s see how we can configure for that scenario. In … Read More

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