Business Rules

Workflow Rule

The Workflow Rule allows you to run SQL statements upon workflow action, such as Post, Approve, Reject, etc. Use Case In this example, we have an advanced workflow configured for Revenue Planning. We would like to archive Forecast data when an approver clicks “Approve” on the dashboard Action menu. … Read More

Discard User Formula

The option “Discard user formula” allows submissions to automatically discard user entered formulas upon workflow save.  This feature can be useful when managing multiple users who are inputting on the same slice of data.  By automatically discarding formulas on save, it avoids formulas from being inconsistent between the users.

Process or Deploy OLAP database in SQL Rule

In a Kepion SQL rule, there are multiple options available to update OLAP database. In PROCESS tab, there is a Process OLAP database option. In ADVANCED tab, modeler can choose to deploy security, deploy to OLAP, or deploy selected cubes. Process OLAP database: Same as Process action in SSAS. … Read More

Process MOLAP Partition in SQL Rule

MOLAP partition is ideal to store static data. It offers excellent performance because the data is pre-loaded when the cube is built. However, unlike ROLAP partition, MOLAP partition doesn’t display real time data from the database unless we perform a process action. Therefore, when we update data in any … Read More

Data Spread Demo

With the help of the capability to run rules on selected cell, we can now perform data spread, allocation, and adjustment easily in the form.  Check out this demo video!