Business Rules

Run Rules on Selected Cells

Users can now run complex business rules on any selected data cells from a form.  A popular scenario that uses this functionality is allocating data at different levels of aggregation.  Here, in our sample application we illustrate the use for this case.  In the application, we provide two methods to allocate data: Set a … Read More

Dashboard Rule Component

You can configure one or more SQL rules to run independently on a dashboard by using the Dashboard Rule Component. Each dashboard rule component can be associated with its own action button, SQL rule and execution behavior.  The configurable behaviors include: Auto Close: this will cause the execution window to close on … Read More

Enhanced Join Condition

Kepion Data Rule’s Join Component has been enhanced to allow for more complex join conditions. For example, you can override the default ‘=’ operator by typing directly into the operator field: In addition, by clicking on the settings icon, you can define your own custom join expression:

Rule Progress Messages

You can define special messages to return to the user during the execution of a rule.  These messages allow the user to visually see how the rule is executing on the server. To define these special messages, you use the spRegisterProgress stored procedure.  The general usage flow of the … Read More

SQL Rule Messages

SQL rule messages can be very helpful to end users.  They can be used to validate input parameters or to highlight issues for the user to see.  You can define custom messages to return on rule execution by using the SQL PRINT function.  When users run the rule, they … Read More