Dashboard Component Format

Dashboard component formatting with bulk update option.

File Store Attachment

File store allows you to upload attachments through a Kepion dashboard and share files of any type with your teammates. You can create file stores and manage the associated files by dimension. Before You Start Here are some things to know before you begin this process. File size limit: … Read More

Dashboard Menu Component

Menu components can be added to a dashboard to create quick navigation within the dashboard. Right click in the dashboard editor and click the Add Menu option. Click on the settings icon to configure the menu component. Configure the menu component by including the pages that you want to … Read More

Enhanced Dashboard Navigation

The main dashboard navigation component has been enhanced to allow for two level navigation capability.  This capability allows for creation of headers that can group related pages together. Use the plus button to add headers to the navigation.  The arrow buttons can be used to organize related pages together … Read More

Make Shared on Dashboard

Dashboard components can be shared to specific pages by using the Make Shared feature.  Simply right click on the component, select Make Shared, and choose the pages that you would like to have the component included on. Components that are shared on a page will show a green outline when … Read More