Form & Reports Design

Discard User Formula

The option “Discard user formula” allows submissions to automatically discard user entered formulas upon workflow save.  This feature can be useful when managing multiple users who are inputting on the same slice of data.  By automatically discarding formulas on save, it avoids formulas from being inconsistent between the users.

Control Member Order on Column Header

In a Kepion form, you can sort dimension members and data easily by column. It would be more complicated to sort the members on column header. One common scenario is to reverse the order of time in column. To reverse the order of months, we will need to customize … Read More

What Excel Functions are Supported in Kepion Forms?

The following functions are supported in Kepion forms. Function Example SUM =SUM(A1:A2) Click here to check out how to use SUM to calculate sub-totals on a form. AVERAGE =AVERAGE(1, 2, 3) AND =AND(A1, A2) OR =OR(A1, A2) NOT =NOT(A1) IF =IF(A1, TRUE, FALSE) ISNA =ISNA(A1) ISERR =ISERR(A1) ISERROR =ISERROR(A1) … Read More

Join Different Levels of Hierarchies Along Axis

When there are multiple hierarchies in one axis, we can join different levels of them dynamically. For example, if you have product and account dimension in the row, we can show aggregated account value (A) for all non-leaf products, and show the full account hierarchy for leaf products. To … Read More

Dynamic Member Variable

A Dynamic Member Variable is used to ensure user saved apps open with the filter set to the current Member Variable setting in Modeler, regardless of what the filter was originally saved with.