Form & Reports Design

Join Different Levels of Hierarchies Along Axis

When there are multiple hierarchies in one axis, we can join different levels of them dynamically. For example, if you have product and account dimension in the row, we can show aggregated account value (A) for all non-leaf products, and show the full account hierarchy for leaf products. To … Read More

Dynamic Member Variable

A Dynamic Member Variable is used to ensure user saved apps open with the filter set to the current Member Variable setting in Modeler, regardless of what the filter was originally saved with.

Advanced Filter Link

Using the Advanced Filter Link, dashboard filters can be configured to link between filters that do not belong from the same dimension.  Filters for hierarchies of type Member-List, Parent-Child and Attribute can be linked together using this feature.  In addition, filters that have member properties associated with them, such … Read More

Drop-down Display by Attribute

You can change the way drop-downs are displayed in a form by using an alternate display attribute from the underlying dimension.  You can do so by editing the drop-down template.  Click on the settings “gear” icon to open up the editor dialog window. Drop-downs that are of type ‘Hierarchy List’ … Read More

Filter Enhancements

Kepion filters have been enhanced with the following features: Ensure Selection:  This property will enforce selection of at least a single member by a user. (Leaves-Only) Selectable:  This will show a check-box beside each member in the hierarchy without any children, with the parent members being non-selectable. (All) Non-Selectable:  … Read More