Kepion + Power BI Demo App

Kepion + Power BI allows you to set new targets, run what-if scenarios and make better decisions for maximizing your company’s performance. We have updated the Sample App-Advanced application with two dashboards for Power BI demo. To create your own Kepion + Power BI demo environment, please follow the … Read More

Server Memory Allocation

We highly recommend configuring the memory threshold of SQL and SSAS server. Otherwise, each server will consume as much available memory as possible, therefore it will kill the environment. We have three best practice suggestions for memory allocation: Always ensure the OS for the machine has at least 2G … Read More

Kepion SQL Standard Support

Kepion supports SQL Standard edition. However, there are a few differences in functionality between SQL Standard and SQL Enterprise. We will explore below what those differences mean when designing applications in Kepion. Feature Name Enterprise Edition Business Intelligence Edition Standard Edition Semi-additive Measures Yes Yes No Hierarchies Yes Yes … Read More

Process Cube through SQL Agent Job

When you need to schedule a cube processing or process the cube after data loading, SQL Agent Job is the tool to use. Here is how the job step should be configured in SQL Agent Job. Here is the code.  You just need to change the <DatabaseID> to your application … Read More

Add Script to Kepion Default Web Page

You can enter a custom script to the Kepion default webpage (e.g. set up Google Analytics tracking) by using the Web Page->HEAD module.  Include your script by typing into the HEAD text box and click Save.  For example: Once saved, you can hit F5 to reload the page in IE.  … Read More