Customer Management Walkthrough

By - Mar 13, 2017

As Kepion’s partner network continues to grow, we have asked our partners to register each of their customer opportunities into the Deal Registration deck. As mentioned, this will enable us to gage progress going forward and further understand how we can provide better mutual support.

These instructions can be located by clicking this link :

In subsequence, we would like our partners to execute the following steps once the customer has signed the licensing agreement and officiated the client relationship.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at


Step 1 – Log into with your assigned partner credentials (i.e. “corp/PartnerName”)


Step 2 – Go into Deal Registration and navigate to Convert to Customer

Step 3 – Select your Partner name and Opportunity in the filter selection then click Move


Step 4 – A confirmation window will appear, go ahead and click Close


Step 5 –  Log into using a new tab/window. This time we will go into the Customer Management application.


Step 6 – Select your Partner name and Opportunity in the corresponding filters


Step 7 – Fill in Opportunity Details (Please be as detailed as possible)

Step 8 –  Populate the Contact Information section with the point of contact who will be the directly receiving the License Agreement. (If the partner will be acting as the intermediary, it is important that the partner contact information is inserted)

Step 9 – Input Customer Contact Information

Step 10 – Select the appropriate filters for Licensing Details. 

               I) Currency: Be sure to select the local currency of the customer

               II) Type: All customers should be following the New License pricing

               III) Start/End Date: If exact starting date is unknown, fill in the closest estimate.

Step 11 – Write in the user distribution (Discounts require Kepion approval)

Step 12 – Click Update (It is MANDATORY that all fields are filled in)

Step 13 – At the bottom of the screen, in the Project Description section, fill out the boxes by following the examples below

Step 14 – Once all the information is inputted, click “Submit to Contracts”


Step 15 – Save