Deal Registration Walkthrough

By - Apr 01, 2016

Starting April 01, 2016, all Kepion partners will be required to register customer opportunities. This will allow Kepion and our global partners have a better alignment on customer opportunities and gain insight how we can better support each other.

Below are instructions on how to get started. Please reach us at if you have any questions.

Step 1 – Log into with your assigned partner credentials (i.e. “corp/xxxx”)

Step 2 – Start a new plan or retrieve existing plan 



Step 3 – To add a new opportunity, click on “Opportunity Management”


Step 4 – Select your partner name in the filter

Step 5 – Click “Add”.

Step 6 –  A window will appear, click “Save”. This step is only required when opening a new plan and may be disregarded when retrieving an existing plan.

Step 7 –  Click “Add” once again.

Step 8 –  Type in new opportunity name then click “Run”. 

Step 9 – Select opportunity in Opportunity Status filter then click “OK”.

Step 10 – Fill in the appropriate information for the opportunity. Please be as detailed as possible. Keep in mind that white cells are read-only and will auto populate when information is updated.

Step 11 – To calculate the license revenue in both USD and local currency, input the license user count and click update. The calculated revenue will be based on the list price based Kepion set currency rates.

Step 12 – Click “Update” once you are done entering the information

Step 13 – Navigate back to Overview to manage existing customer opportunity stages.