How-to Register Customer Licensing

By - Apr 11, 2017

When a Kepion partner lands a new customer opportunity, it is important that each step is followed carefully so that we can properly recognize the opportunity and ultimately keep track of everything in an efficient manner. This step by step outlines the process from the moment a new customer opportunity comes up all the way to the billing stage.

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Process Overview

Step 1: Registration Agreement

Step 2: Collecting Customer Info

  • Once you have gone through the Deal Registration, and the opportunity has turned into an official customer, enter the customer information on the Customer Management module. (All fields must be filled-in to move forward)
  • Follow this link for instructions:
  • After this information is submitted (by clicking submit to contracts), the license agreement will be drafted and forwarded to the point of contact within 24 to 48 hours (contact that appears on the customer management point of contact field)

Step 3: License Agreement Sign-off

  • When the point of contact receives the license agreement, they are to have the customer sign it and forward the copy to for Kepion to sign-off.  Customers have the option to send the signed contract directly to Kepion as well.
  • The final copy will be emailed back to the original sender.

Step 4: Invoicing

  • Double-check the licensing details on the Customer Management deck to ensure that everything has been entered accurately and matches the information that has been agreed upon.
  • Once everything is verified and approved, the invoice will be sent to the point of contact from