Use Process Tracker for Demo

By - Jul 13, 2015

The Process Tracker functionality comes with the latest version of Sample Application – Advanced, which can be downloaded from Kepion’s partner SharePoint portal. This video walks you through the demo process. There are two users in this process:

  • Patrick Gartner: the workflow manager, who manages the Process Tracker app and Final Review app
  • Neil Hiott: an approver of the CAPEX planning app

What do you need to change to make this demo work on your machine?

Ideally you will need to replace all Kepion users (CORP\) with users in your local environment so that all workflow information will be valid. For demo purpose, we can simply replace user “Patrick Gartner”, the workflow manager, and “Neil Hiott”, the CAPEX Planning approver.

Step 1. Add local users with Full Name set to Patrick Gartner and Neil Hiott in your local environment.

Step 2. Find these two users in User table (UserID equals to 18 and 29 respectively) and replace the UserName column with the names you just create (Domain\Name).

Step 3. Deploy your application.

What are the source of the data?

Data in the following form and chart is located at Workflow-Plan Count model -> Info Data Partition, which derives from the view [dbo].[USR_WORKFLOW_PLAN_COUNT].

Data in the following form is located at Workflow-Organization Details model -> Info Data Partition, which derives from the view [dbo].[USR_WORKFLOW_ORG_DETAILS].

Data in the following tiles are calculated from the Aggregation MDX rule within the Workflow-Organization Details model.

The following form is within the Admin-Scenario Management model. Data entered in this form will not be stored. It is only used to trigger the Workflow action rule in the same model.

How to setup email notifications?

In this demo, an email notification can be automatically sent out at two occasions:

  • When the workflow manager click “Email Notification for Action Req.” button, an email will be sent to Neil Hiott.

  • When “Start Final Review” is initiated, an email will be sent to the workflow manager Patrick Gartner.

These are done within SQL Management Studio.

Step 1. Configure email profile and send test email in your SQL Server. This article provides some guidance for setup.

Step 2. Create two stored procedures in the system database msdb.


Step 3. Update the code in “Sample Application – Advanced” with the stored procedures you just created.

  • Notify Neil Hiott to take action:

  • Notify workflow manager Patrick Gartner for final review:


How to revert all changes?

We also provide you a gate to revert all the changes so you’ll be ready for your next demo in seconds! Simply choose “Start Budget Pre-seed” in the action dropdown and click Go button.


At this time, the approved CAPEX planning app instance has been pushed back to the stage where Neil Hiott’s approval is required. The Final Review app is no longer available. The three planning apps are also unlocked for planning. For details, please check the stored procedure [dbo]. [USR_Workflow_Action].