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Kepion began in 2009 on a mission to provide a simplified approach to financial planning and reporting solutions for companies of all sizes. We recognized early on that many companies today cannot effectively plan, budget, forecast using traditional spreadsheet solutions. As a result, Kepion decided to move beyond spreadsheets and to the web.

Since then we have been making tremendous progress in delivering our mission to our customers and partners. We continue to satisfy customer requirements up to 100% of the time and provide a rapid development approach towards leveraging financial planning and reporting applications on the Microsoft BI platform.

Platform Technology - Kepion provides one of the most easy-to-use and performing modeling environment for both business and IT users today. Built on the Microsoft SQL Server, Kepion takes advantage of the enterprise performance and scalability functions that leads the industry in BI technologies today according to Gartner BI Magic Quadrant. Implementation of Kepion applications take days and weeks to complete, instead of months or years.

Just Ask Our Customers - Through the years, we've developed a close relationship with all our customers and partners. With our rapid development team behind them, customers have always been able to see new features come through as needed. We are closely tied with our customers because of our subscription-based business model. This keeps Kepion committed to providing the latest feature releases that aligns with the needs of our customers' year-to-year.

Delivering Realized Value - Kepion provide realized value that most other spreadsheet-based solutions or enterprise software alternatives cannot compete with. Kepion solution helps companies reduce planning time by up to 90%, tens of thousands of dollar per year saved and a return on investment that measures five to ten folds.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - Kepion is unmatched in TCO compared to enterprise software alternatives. Typical implementation time for Kepion solution are determined in weeks instead of months to years, with minimal training time and limited need of IT support. Compared to other enterprise software implementations, Kepion solution deliveries are unmatched.

Continual Growth - Kepion started with a core group of developers, researchers and business leaders that understood business intelligence and financial planning for decades long. Since then, we have grown globally in supporting customers and partners worldwide. We continue to grow with our customers and partners in their successes with Kepion and in our pursuit to simplify planning to its core.

We are on a mission to help people understand and act on their data. We need great people to join us - take a look at our career page to see how. Kepion continues to build its foundation with passionate people who will innovate beyond the norm and deliver breakthrough technologies.

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