What’s New

Kepion Chart and Styling

Kepion Planning comes with 7 chart types out of the box that you can use with Form data and inside your Dashboard. These chart types include: Column Line Pie Bar Area Scatter Bubble Each chart can be fully formatted to achieve the desired look and feel. Also, did you … Read More

New Kepion Free Trial

Kepion has a new Free Trial option that will let you to try Kepion for yourself.  If you are a finance or business manager, you would have an option to explore two of our sample applications on the Kepion Cloud. If you are IT or consultant, you may be … Read More

Options for Embedding Kepion inside SharePoint or Website

Have you ever wanted to embed Kepion assets inside SharePoint or some other website? The answer is you can! Kepion is designed around standard URL linking and you can easily embed the content inside a web page. Kepion provides options that allow you to control how the embedded Kepion … Read More

Dashboard Form Settings

There are some new features available to control the look and feel of a form within a dashboard. Take a look at the following two screenshot to see what you can control! The SETTINGS tab contain the generic settings for controlling how a form should display inside a dashboard. … Read More