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APP URL Structure

URLs in Kepion can be included in APPs to direct users to different submissions and other workflows. This article will breakdown the different components in these URLs to help accurately direct traffic and detail different tools available to make this process easier.

Variables in Dashboard Components

Standard variables can be used in text-boxes in the Kepion Dashboard. This allows you to create dynamic content in the Dashboard, or update text through scripts.

Silverlight 5 Modules

Kepion currently requires Silverlight 5 to access certain advanced modules, such as MODELER, ADMINISTRATOR and SYSTEM. Access Kepion (Silverlight 5): Use IE11. Install Silverlight 5. Use the URL “http://<machine-name or localhost>:8888“. Note:  If your URL shows “/?ui=js“, then you are in the HTML5 mode of Kepion.  Removing the “/?ui=js” … Read More

Embedding HTML5

Users who integrate their own BI reporting system with Kepion planning can now embed their BI screen right into the Kepion dashboard. It’s a feature that is available among business analytics solutions that query relational databases and OLAP cubes. To name a few: Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, Domo … Read More

Kepion + SQL Agent + PowerShell

In this article, we will explore how to integrate Kepion together with a SQL Agent Job and a PowerShell script.  We will explore these concepts with an example showing how to automate a file cleanup process for a given file store. Here is the general outline: Create a SQL … Read More