Creating Drop-down Lists on Forms

By - Updated June 3, 2019

Within Kepion Modeler, we can create model combinations that will allow us to use drop-down list selections within form cells.

There are three main types of model combinations: List, Hierarchy, and Calendar.

Hierarchy is the most common used. It can be configured with the members from an existing Member List. Here we will explain how it works.


Create a dropdown list in Employee Type Column in the Emp Assumption form in WorkForce sample application, as shown below.


Step 1: Use an existing or create a new member list that consists all of the members we need to include as options in the dropdown list.

Step 2. Add Model Combination in target model. Give the combination a name; select the member list in the dropdown list under ‘Hierarchy’.

Step 3. Go to the ‘Emp Assumptions’ form, enter edit mode. We are going to add the dropdown list to the Employee Type column. Please notice, column header Employee Type is a member in ‘Metric’ dimension. We will need this information in next step.

Step 4. Click ADVANCED. Click ‘Add’ in DROP-DOWN tab. Select the combination name we created in Step 2. As pointed out in Step 3, we will associate this dropdown list to Employee Type member in the Metric dimension.

Step 5. When we go to the form, we’ll see the dropdown list is there.

More Information

It is important to point out that whenever this dropdown is used on a form, users will only see members from the hierarchy that they have access to.

For more information for model combination and dropdown list, see Model Combinations module in Kepion Modeler Guide.