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Enhanced Dashboard Navigation

By - Updated August 28, 2017

The main dashboard navigation component has been enhanced to allow for two level navigation capability.  This capability allows for creation of headers that can group related pages together.

Use the plus button to add headers to the navigation.  The arrow buttons can be used to organize related pages together and also affect the order to display each navigation item within the navigation component.  Should you need to hide a page from the navigation, you can check the hide checkbox.

Use the format capabilities to define how the drop-down navigation will render.  You can give the drop-down a background color, give it a border with a specific color and also control the size of each drop-down item.  The margin options control the outer margin for the entire drop-down.  Disable Hover Effect will turn off the mouse hover effects on the navigation items.  Highlight Current Header will show the active header in selected mode should one of its child pages be the currently selected page on the dashboard.

Each individual navigation item can also be formatted.  Use a combination of Mode and Display settings to format each individual navigation item.

Use the PREVIEW tab to see the results.