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Import Dashboard Page

By - Updated March 30, 2016

We enhanced the dashboard import capability to allow users to import specific pages to an existing dashboard.

Simply enter the edit mode of an existing dashboard and click IMPORT button in the ribbon.

Import/Export Dashboard Page

In the pop-up window, select the xml file that you need to use for import.  Then all the pages of the dashboard will be listed in the window.  Check the ones that you would like to import and Click OK.

Import Dashboard Page Window

The imported page will be added to the end of the dashboard page list.

Imported Dashboard Page

Please note:

  1. The import function doesn’t provide replace capability.  Even if the imported page has the same name as an existing page, it will the added as a new page instead of replacing the existing one.
  2. The filter link will not be imported.  Please link filters as needed after import.