Kepion and Alpine Consulting Partners embark in a strategic partnership

By Emily Jordan - Updated April 12, 2018

Seattle, WA (Monday, 19th February, 2018) – Today, Alpine Consulting Partners, a reputable consulting firm based in the nation’s capital, today announced a strategic partnership with Kepion Software, a global leader in corporate performance management software to deliver Kepion’s financial management solutions to companies located in the East Coast region. Alpine brings a dynamic skillset to the table, specializing in the fields of corporate performance management, financial transformation, and business intelligence across multiple sectors. The partnership provides an opportunity for organizations to enable both flexible and advanced budgeting, planning, reporting and forecasting capabilities in rapidly growing markets.

“With the high level of experience and capabilities of professionals at Alpine Consulting, we are very pleased with our new partnership in delivering BI solutions to companies all throughout the East Coast. Alpine has a strong and successful track record of BI and BP&F implementations for both SMBs and enterprises.” said Kevin Hsu, VP of Business Development, Kepion

Kepion delivers enterprise-wide solutions based on Microsoft’s technology across the Americas, Australia, Europe and Asia. Companies have adopted Kepion to streamline their global planning, budgeting, reporting and forecasting processes.  Alpine’s core consultants derive from industry leaders like Deloitte and Oracle underlining their aptitude for technical and financial implementation practices at the enterprise level. For customers of Kepion, Alpine provides implementation services, support and training for companies in the East Coast region.

About Alpine Consulting

Alpine Consulting Partners is a full-service Enterprise Performance Management, Financial Transformation, and Business Intelligence consultancy boasting 100% deployment success for their clients. They work with organizations across multiple sectors including Federal Government, Hospitality, Insurance, Banking, Technology, Manufacturing, Automotive and Energy. Their practitioners hold decades of collective deployment success in the field and bring leading practice expertise to each of their clients.

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About Kepion

Kepion ( delivers global corporate performance management software (CPM) based on Microsoft’s technology across the North & South America, Australia, Europe and Asia. Companies, which include some of Microsoft’s top enterprise customers, have adopted Kepion as their global budgeting and financial forecasting software.

Since Kepion is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and Business Intelligence (BI) platform, customers are able to plug their own Microsoft BI tools directly to Kepion for reporting and analysis.  Kepion business performance management software allows business users to easily enter their targets for company-wide strategic plans, top-down & bottom-up budgeting and continuous fiscal & rolling forecasting, all within a single, easy to navigate web interface environment.

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