Kepion lands partnership with Professional Advantage

By Emily Jordan - Updated July 2, 2019

Seattle, WA (Monday, 1st July, 2019) –  Kepion has partnered with Professional Advantage (PA), a global IT consulting firm with its primary location in Sydney, Australia. PA’s team spans seven offices in three countries and have implemented upwards of 4,500 projects in the past 10 years. Corporate Performance Management comprises just one area of expertise, also delivering applications in business intelligence, enterprise resource planning, infrastructure services and many more.

Kepion delivers enterprise-wide solutions based on Microsoft’s technology across the Americas, Australia, Europe and Asia. Companies have adopted Kepion to streamline their global planning, budgeting, reporting and forecasting processes. In pursuance of technology excellence, PA leverages Microsoft in huge part to help organizations reach bottom-line targets. As a provider of Dynamics and Power BI, PA was looking to adopt Next-Gen planning on the Microsoft BI platform, that could yield seamless integration capabilities coupled with advanced budgeting, forecasting and BI modeling.

For customers of Kepion, Professional Advantage provides implementation services, support and training for companies in Australia and United-States.

About Professional Advantage

Professional Advantage is an Australian IT consulting company, helping clients use technology to make a difference and enabling high performing workplaces.  They are based in Sydney Australia, with other locations spanning cross-country, and through the United States and United Kingdom. Professional Advantage’s start dates back to 1989, stacking decades of experience, market knowledge and successful implementations across the industry board. Today, they are entrusted by more than 6000 enterprise and medium size customers worldwide.

About Kepion

Kepion ( delivers global corporate performance management software (CPM) based on Microsoft’s technology across the North & South America, Australia, Europe and Asia. Companies, which include some of Microsoft’s top enterprise customers, have adopted Kepion as their global budgeting and financial forecasting software that goes beyond finance, catering to sales, HR and operations.

Since Kepion is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and Business Intelligence (BI) platform, customers are able to plug their own Microsoft BI tools directly to Kepion for reporting and analysis.  Kepion business performance management software allows business users to easily enter their targets for company-wide strategic plans, top-down & bottom-up budgeting and continuous fiscal & rolling forecasting, all within a single, easy to navigate web interface environment.

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