Kepion Releases 3.0 version with Improved Performance and Calculation Capabilities

By Kepion Staff - Updated June 3, 2019

Seattle, WA (Monday, 10th October, 2011) – Kepion announced today the general availability of Kepion 3.0, a major release of its business performance management software. Kepion Planning enhances its performance and allows users to handle complex charge calculations. Through Kepion Reporting, users are able to leverage existing models and add new models with ease so that users’ productivity has been improved.

“The speed at which changes can be implemented allows IT to focus on user requirements instead of technical coding…which, in turn, is bringing value to the business,” said Melanie Britenstine, Global BI Manager of Energizer “Even the most complex calculations return results quickly, which increases the performance of our dashboards and pivot tables.”

“For me, the key benefit of Kepion is the flexibility of being able to rapidly calculate charges and apply variations,” said Pier Fasnacht, Director of Information Technology Services of Uniting Church in Australia

New Kepion 3.0 features include:

  • Simplify Access to Data – Develop input forms and reports with quick navigation filters for users to get to their slice of data. View historical actuals, plan and forecast data together through a single view.
  • Flexibility – Takes advantage of the power and scalability of the Microsoft SQL Server Platform.
  • Better Performance – Handle data that previously took minutes or hours, has been reduced to a matter of  seconds.
  • Faster budgeting, planning and forecasting – Provide variable driven allocations across the entire client base from a simple form-driven matrix held within the model.

“Kepion is continuing to improve the performance and flexibility of the solution so that both customer and partners can build solutions that returns results immediately and has the ability to handle the most complex calculation scenarios.” said Kevin Hsu, VP, Business Development of Kepion

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About Kepion

Kepion ( delivers global corporate performance management software (CPM) based on Microsoft’s technology across the North & South America, Australia, Europe and Asia. Companies, which include some of Microsoft’s top enterprise customers, have adopted Kepion as their global budgeting and financial forecasting software.

Since Kepion is built on the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, customers are able to plug their own Microsoft BI tools directly to Kepion for reporting and analysis.  Kepion business performance management software allows business users to easily enter their targets for company-wide strategic plans, top-down & bottom-up budgeting and continuous fiscal & rolling forecasting, all within a single, easy to navigate web interface environment.

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