Kepion Support FAQ

By - Updated June 3, 2019

What is a form?

A form is a report that is defined by row, column and filters.

What is a plan?

A plan contains a collection of forms. Within a plan, each form can have a set of rules associated to it. Using a plan, a user can contribute data to the server.

What will I see when I start a new plan?

When a user starts a new plan, the user will see the Modeler’s definition of the forms as the default. If the server contains data, then they will see the data that they have access to.

What can I do within a plan?

Users can contribute data to the plan. Users can also modify the plan with user defined settings. These settings include the following:

1. Change filter selections
2. Apply user formulas i.e. =”1+2″
3. Apply user formats
4. Add additional worksheets

What will happen when I save the plan?

User defined settings will be saved with the plan to the server. However, input data will not be saved to the server unless the user chooses to post.

What will happen when I Post within a plan?

When a user posts their data within a plan, then this data will be saved to the server. This data can then be viewed by other users who have access.

How can I add a new row/column to a form? Can I do it in the way as in Excel?

Sometimes, it may be useful to add a region to the form that can allow users to add their formulas or commentary. These regions will be private to the user and their approver. ¬†Rows and columns added via the form headers are stored within the form itself. ¬†Data that is entered into the region defined by the added row/column will not be saved to the server’s fact table.