Microsoft published a Kepion whitepaper on best practices for developing planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities on the MIcrosoft BI Platform

By Kepion Staff - Updated June 3, 2019

Seattle, WA (Wednesday 23nd June, 2010) – Microsoft published a Kepion authored whitepaper that outlines the core planning scenarios that can be leverage with Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2. This white paper outlines the basic and sophisticated planning scenarios that Office 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2 can support, and it gives guidance on the steps that should be taken when building a planning solution.

“Microsoft BI team approached us to develop this whitepaper to help outline the powerful capabilities of the Microsoft BI platform for BP&F scenarios. We were excited to work with the Microsoft team in prescribing the best practices for Microsoft partners and customers to implement.” said Kevin Hsu, VP of Business Development, Kepion Solutions.

To download the whitepaper, please go to:

About Kepion on the Microsoft BI Platform

Kepion ( delivers global corporate performance management software (CPM) based on Microsoft’s technology across the North & South America, Australia, Europe and Asia. Companies, which include some of Microsoft’s top enterprise customers, have adopted Kepion as their global budgeting and financial forecasting software.

Since Kepion is built on the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, customers are able to plug their own Microsoft BI tools directly to Kepion for reporting and analysis.  Kepion business performance management software allows business users to easily enter their targets for company-wide strategic plans, top-down & bottom-up budgeting and continuous fiscal & rolling forecasting, all within a single, easy to navigate web interface environment.

About Kepion

Kepion delivers planning, budgeting and forecasting software for office of finance. Kepion is built on the Microsoft BI platform powered by SQL Server 2008. Kepion provides an entirely web-based planning solution founded on the principle “Simply Flexible: Providing simple access & navigation to your needed information, combined with a fully flexible platform to build solutions that fit around your key business functions”.

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