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5 Reasons to Switch to Cloud Based Budgeting and Forecasting Technology

Everyone from CEOs to CFOs are constantly searching for methods to improve their businesses. Want to know one of their not-so-best-kept secrets? Companies that switch to cloud based budgeting, planning and forecasting technology have seen better results in a myriad of areas. Business intelligence software allows businesses to surpass those which only utilize programs like Excel for their balance sheet forecasting needs. The switch could save your company money in 5 different ways.

1. The best technology. You consistently have the latest and greatest business performance management software. Free or low-cost updates are offered multiple times throughout the year. Some of them are even automatic.

2. Lower initial costs. Most cloud based forecasting and budgeting services are charged based on usage fees rather than paying for the software itself.

3. No IT required. Cloud services require little to no IT work, which saves your business both time and money.

4. More flexibility. Think of cloud based budgeting services like leasing a car instead of buying it. You can guarantee your business’s needs are compatible with the services provided, and you have the room to change services as your business’s needs develop.

5. More time. It’s been proven that cloud based forecasting and budgeting software requires less time to be set up. Implementing personnel planning techniques guarantee that your time can be better spent improving productivity and often causes responsiveness to customers to increase as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Switch over to cloud based budgeting and forecasting technology today. It will make your business more agile and allows you to have better access to the latest technology faster.