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Financial Reporting & Analytics
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Kepion Reporting is based on the industry leading OLAP and SQL technology, Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform, which provides powerful analytical and collaborative capabilities for all your business needs. By using Kepion, new reporting applications can be built in a matter of hours, instead of weeks or months.

This is a new kind of business intelligence that provides you with the tools to easily generate your own reporting analysis cubes within a few clicks. Quickly share reports and dashboards built off Kepion generated cubes for others across the organization to monitor and analyze on your company's performance.

Data Visualization & Dashboard Software

Data visualization & dashboard software

The look-and-feel can also be designed to match perfectly with your company's theme for a seamless user experience. You are able to use drag-and-drop features to create your own data visualization and dashboards and even share with others within your organization. It allows you to visualize both historic and forecast data in real-time from various sources, and interact with intuitive charts and graphs for detailed analysis.

Slice & Dice Data

Slice & dice data

Kepion provides a financial reporting software that allows you to slice and dice your data across dimensions. With OLAP & Microsoft SQL technology, you are able to drill through different data dimensions and compare them between different scenarios within your financial management reports. With Kepion's financial reporting software, you can also quickly generate financial reports, board reports or any flexible views for management reports.

For example, start your day by taking a look at your company's top-line numbers through an income statement report. Through Kepion filter selections, you can see the same report down to each individual business function, or geo location to analyze each department's performance. This allows for quick navigation into the data that matters the most.

Interactive Visual Analytics

Interactive visual analytics & set KPI targets

You may find it difficult to track your organization's performance over time, or accurately forecast key performance indicators (KPIs) for your organization. Now with Kepion business intelligence software, you can monitor and analyze historic trends to set new targets for your KPI's.

Since Kepion is built on the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, you can tie together the targets set within Kepion with visual scorecards and KPI's for users to monitor their performance. Kepion provides a data modeling tool for building OLAP data environments and KPI's for your organization.

Kepion provides easy to configure KPI's to use within your forms. This allows you to quickly spot the areas of risk and opportunities for your organization. With Kepion's click-thru filter navigation, you can drill down to your slice of information. This way, you'll be able to track your company's performance across different business areas in real-time.

Single Source of Truth for Planning and Reporting

Single view of the truth

More often than not, data that you need is found in multiple locations. This proves very difficult when collecting data for any planning, reporting or analysis. Thanks to the Kepion Platform, all connections to the databases, cubes, data warehouses, files and spreadsheets are at your fingertips. This allows you to view your actuals, plan and forecast data in a single view to do variance analysis data and forecast adjustments.

This allows for views of your actuals, plan and forecast data combined to do variance analysis data and forecast adjustments.

Kepion's financial consolidation software provides the single version of the truth thus enabling your organization to make better informed decisions.

Drag-and-Drop Builder

Drag-and-drop builder for management reports

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed with all kinds of business reports and just can't seem to get down to your real work? Do you find it difficult to meet various report formats within your organization?

Kepion's powerful financial reporting software provides you with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create all kinds of business reports across dimensions within minutes. You will be more autonomous and efficient to deal with financial reports, board reports, and management reports in unified formats.

Data Drill Through Capabilities

Data drill-through capabilities

You may expect a software that allows you to track a specific data in your reports and see where it came from, how it is generated and what the underneath causes are. For a better business performance management, you will need such a tool to not only look at the big picture of your organization, but also be able to drill through to detailed transaction data to justify your decision-making sources.

With Kepion's data drill through feature, you can easily determine where the actual data came from, understand how it happened, and perform what-if analysis. Not only would you be able to drill down by dimensionality, but also to key line item details that make up the aggregated number.

Consolidated Financial Reporting Software

Consolidated financial reporting software

In Kepion, all your primary financial statements such as balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, capital asset plans can be accessed, reviewed and modified through a single consolidated financial reporting software with real-time updated results. Built on the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform, Kepion can be used for your sales forecasts, operational budgets, capital asset plans, and automatically drive your consolidated financial statements for reporting & analysis.

Kepion's consolidated financial reporting software accelerates your financial reporting cycles and improves the accuracy of your financial reports. You will be also able to share your reports individually or publish through report books across the organization. These reports can be published to the web in seconds.

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Transaction details with financial reporting tool

Kepion brings you a financial reporting software that presents transaction details from your ERP, CRM or HRMS systems. With Kepion's financial reporting software, you can automatically tie all transaction-level data into a single application platform.

With the powerful OLAP & SQL capabilities of Kepion allows you to conduct all your budget variance analysis in one place. This financial reporting software will improve the decision-making process and reduce unnecessary cycle times.

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Multiple Reporting Currencies

Multiple currencies reporting

Do you get frustrated when managing different currencies among your global business territories? Also when dealing with day to day fluctuations among the currency rates conversions as well? Ever wish you had a software that enables all of them done real-time without any management at all?

Kepion provides you a multiple currencies planning software to manage the complexity of your multi-national planning and reporting. You can do your planning and reporting with your actual data in different local currencies. This multiple currencies planning software not only saves you time and improve accuracy, but also automatically adjust the exchange rate types according to your local business.

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