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Visualize and Analyze Everything in One Place with Kepion Reporting and Analysis Software

Brand your own reporting app with our intuitive Reporting and Analysis Software. Improve how you track your sales, finance and operational groups and unify your information into a single consolidated view of your business. Distribute board reports, drill-down to transactional details and have a connected view of your financial reports, along with your planning process. Kepion Reporting is an end-to-end reporting platform for creating your own personalized reporting apps.

Kepion Dashboards & Scorecards

Dashboards and scorecards software

Kepion's dashboard and scorecards software provides a powerful tool for strategic management and performance evaluation. It's especially helpful when conducting budget variance reporting, key performance indicators (KPI) monitoring, as well as real-time business performance management.

Kepion BI Modeler

Let Kepion
build BI for you

Kepion has simplified your BI building process by doing it for you. With Kepion’s Business Intelligence BI Modeler, you are able to configure the dimensions, model data, forms, business rules and security through a guided click-through process.

Build Custom Dashboards

Brand your own reporting and analysis software

Kepion provides an open canvas arrangement where you can place any filter, forms, charts, graphs, images, workflow indicators, key performance indicators (KPI) into a layout that makes sense for your Financial Reporting & Analysis.

customer success

Kepion helps the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation plan and collaborate more effectively.

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Kepion Reporting

Kepion Reporting is built on the leading Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform, which provides powerful financial reporting & analysis capabilities for all your business needs. Kepion dashboards and scorecards software can be built quickly with little to no training needed. Organizational teams can use Microsoft Business Intelligence Software to plug directly into Kepion for additional financial reporting & analysis. By using Kepion, new Reporting and Analysis Software applications can be built in a matter of minutes, instead of weeks or months.

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Kepion Planning enables business users to quickly build cash flow forecasting software on the industry leading Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform. Business users can create forecasting budgeting software apps and conduct financial reporting & analysis.

Kepion BI Modeler provides an automated & streamlined process for building business intelligence data warehousing and Reporting and Analysis Software on the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform and Microsoft Azure Business Intelligence. Kepion also provides data integration tools that can automatically bring together data from other business intelligence software vendor solutions into a single Reporting and Analysis Software.