Banking is a highly regulated and very competitive industry. Kepion provides a unified platform for making key decisions that will help serve your customers better while still remaining profitable and in compliance. With Kepion you have the ability to empower at multiple levels; from specific lines of business down to an individual salesperson level. The ability to make changes and what if calculations in real time will increase the level of accountability at all levels and will increase profitability.

  • Track your P&Ls on a shorter sales cycle in order make changes as needed.
  • Conduct what-if analysis on promotional offers in order to become more competitive.
  • Develop underwriting models to manage multiple levels of lending risks, while maintaining a personal level of service found in smaller banks.
  • Utilize real-time KPI's to track the performance of sales people all the way up to entire regions.
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Driver-Based Planning for Banking

Driver-based planning for interest income

Create driver-based models using rates, balances, averages, margins, etc. Within Kepion, forms such as the interest income can be easily leverage where users can input both ending balance deposits and interest rate assumptions to equal out the gross income for each branch or product group.

Plan by Hierarchy

Organize your plan by division or business function

Kepion modeler provides a flexible approach to organizing your plan by division, geography or any number dimension hierarchies. With a hierarchy structure in place, the values just rollup automatically to show the top-line numbers for your banking organization in real-time.

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Variance Reporting for Banking

Actual vs. plan monitoring

Kepion allows you to quickly spot variances between actual and plan comparisons. With slice-and-dice filtering, you can monitor top line number of your organization, or drill down to individual business units. With this kind of control over your business, you can ensure that your operation doesn't miss a step.

Customer Spotlight

GE Capital

GE Capital

GE Capital is the financing operations of General Electric that handles over $580 billion dollars in assets each year. GE Capital began using Kepion for forecasting Australia's intercompany loans for multiple departments across the organization.

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